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New Debut Album by Mien (The Black Angels/Elephant Stone/Earlies/The Horrors Collaboration)

Psychedelic Rock has made a resurgence in popularity over these past few years. There are, of course, plenty of Rock bands currently revisiting that ancient but much loved genre from back in the late ’60s. Often, they help to broaden the sound and heighten the experience. There are even festivals put together to showcase many of them in a single locale.

One of those bands is a personal favorite of mine, The Black Angels. Their last release was the excellent Death Song, issued in 2017. But they’re not alone in this genre. You merely have to put in a search term into Google to be rewarded with a wealth of experimentation. (I suggest it!)

As bands take a bit of time off from their recent releases and after the touring has died down, some of the more restless seek other means of output. Alex Maas (The Black Angels) has teamed with Tom Furse (The Horrors), Rishi Dhir (Elephone Stone), and John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies) have started an interim band being called Mien, a word which means ‘a person’s look or manner, a particular kind indicating their character or mood’.

Mien has recorded an album, with just Mien as the go to reference for the title. The new album is scheduled for release by Rocket Recordings on April 6. Mien is planned for issue on CD (housed in a gatefold mini-LP styled jacket, with booklet enclosed), hi-quality FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV, and AIFF digital format, and split RED and transparent ORANGE vinyl LP.

For more information of to keep track, go to their Bandcamp page (to pre-order), or to their Facebook page. Their website (with store for CD and LP, tee bundles) is here.


01 – Earth Moon
02 – Black Habit
03 – (I’m Tired Of) Western Shouting
04 – You Dreamt
05 – Other
06 – Hocus Pocus
07 – Ropes
08 – Echolalia
09 – Odessey
10 – Earth Moon (Reprise)

You can listen to the album’s first single, “Black Habit” below:

Kittie Celebrates 20 Years With Career Documentary and New Live Set

Some of us at MusicTAP have been fans of the Canadian Metal band, Kittie for some years. In fact, since our start in 2001 (yes, THAT  long ago!), one of our earliest columnists, Duane Leyva, who helmed Duane’s Pit Stop, interviewed Morgan Lander of Kittie for TAP (here) back in 2002. Since, the band has undergone several changes and had endured a death within the ranks (Trish Doan in 2017). Nevertheless, both Morgan, and Mercedes Landers remain with the band, as does Tara McLeod (since 2005).

On March 30, Lightyear Entertainment will release a video documentary set celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the band. This celebratory set will be issued on a 3-disc set that features both DVD and BD (Blu-ray) of the documentary, and a CD featuring a new live album from the band. The documentary details the history of the band with archival footage and interviews. The CD contains the recent live set from the October 27, 2017 London Music Hall show in London, Ontario, Canada. The documentary spans the band’s twenty years while the Live CD is a set of career-spanning music from the current incarnation.

The set is called Origins/Evolutions.  The live show will also be made available on vinyl LP scheduled for April 13.


Four Julian Cope Titles Remastered For Vinyl Reissue

The Teardrop Explodes was a post-punk band back in the later days of the ’70s. With two band albums released in the early ’80s before break-up, the band gathered unto itself a strong fan-base. When Julian Cope expanded his career with his solo path, the following gained by The Teardrop Explodes naturally scooted over to his music.

Since 1984, Julian Cope released over twenty-five albums and continues to do so. His last releases were Drunken Songs, and Rite At Ya, both issued in 2017. However, it is the classic era sets that fascinate and move fans to the greatest degrees.


On April 6, watch for four Julian Cope classic titles remastered for vinyl LP reissues that will include Saint Julian (1987), My Nation Underground (1986), Peggy Suicide (1991), and Jehovahkill (1992).  These are being produced in conjunction with Cope, Island, and PledgeMusic. The last two titles will be presented as 2LP reissues. You can even buy the entire collection as a bundled set.


You can pre-order these vinyl LPs here.


Marillion Classic 1994 Brave Gets Remixed 4CD/BD, 5LP Deluxe Editions

Fans of Marillion have Steven Wilson in their corner. Remixing classic album tracks not only breathe brand new life into old recordings, it also provides his penchant for 5.1 Surround mixes. To me, a remix is better than remastering. I am often jealous of those bands that have Wilson’s attention. I just hope he expands to more bands including some that I have  extraordinary love for (Wishbone Ash’s Argus, and others!)

On March 9, watch for the Marillion 1994 classic, Brave. Continuing with upgrades to the Marillion library (Misplaced Childhood reissued in 2017), Rhino/Parlophone will provide a 4CD/BD set as well as a 5LP Box.

The 4CD/BD Box will provide a CD featuring the 2018 Steven Wilson Stereo remix, a CD with the original 1994 master of the album, and two CDs with a complete April 29, 1994 live set at La Cigale in Paris. The Blu-ray Disc (BD) will provide plenty of hi-res and visual goods. A richly designed book will accompany the set.

CD1 (2018 Steven Wilson Remix of Brave):
01. Bridge
02. Living With the Big Lie
03. Runaway
04. Goodbye to All That: Wave/Mad/The Opium Den/The Slide/Standing in the Swing
05. Hard As Love
06. The Hollow Man
07. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury/Now Wash Your Hands
08. Paper Lies
09. Brave
10. The Great Escape/The Last of You/Fallin’ from the Moon
11. Made Again

CD2 (Original 1994 Brave Mix):
01. Bridge
02. Living With the Big Lie
03. Runaway
04. Goodbye to All That: Wave/Mad/The Opium Den/The Slide/Standing in the Swing
05. Hard As Love
06. The Hollow Man
07. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury/Now Wash Your Hands
08. Paper Lies
09. Brave
10. The Great Escape/The Last of You/Fallin’ from the Moon
11. Made Again

CD3 (Live at La Cigale, Paris – April 29, 1994, Remixed):
01. River
02. Bridge
03. Living With the Big Lie
04. Runaway
05. Goodbye to All That
06. Wave
07. Mad
08. The Opium Den
09. The Slide
10. Standing in the Swing
11. Hard As Love
12. Hollow Man
13. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury
14. Now Wash Your Hands
15. Paper Lies
16. Brave
17. The Great Escape/The Last of You/Fallin’ from the Moon
18. Made Again

CD4 (Live at La Cigale, Paris – April  29, 1994  Remixed cont.):
01. Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)
02. Slàinte Mhath
03. No One Can
04. Sympathy
05. Easter
06. Garden Party
07. Waiting to Happen
08. Hooks in You
09. The Space…

BD: (Original Album Stereo SW Remix, Hi-res 96kHz/24 Stereo, 5.1 Surround (DTS Master Audio, Dolby) Mixes, Documentary (It All Began With The Bright Light), Videos (“The Great Escape”, “The Hollow Man”, “Alone Again In the Lap of Luxury”,), Bonus Track (“The Great Escape” – Spiral Remake).


Led Zeppelin Reissues How The West Was Won on 3CD, 4LP, BD Sets and Deluxe Edition Box

A bit of “old” How The West Was Run Led Zeppelin Live album news already with every outlet pushing this knowledge out the airplane window (JUMP!).  I’m passing it along as a courtesy to those that might not have seen it yet.

The 2003 Led Zeppelin live set originally released via Atlantic Records as a CD set and as a DVD-Audio set is currently remastered and set for reissue on March 23. This reissue will update this classic title with vinyl LPs, BD-Audio, and a massive Super Deluxe Edition with 3CD/4LP/DVD. The Box will also include the inevitable book filled with photos, notes and writeups, credits, and more.

The shows that make up the discs are the band’s LA area sets on their Houses Of The Holy tour. The songs were selected from their LA Forum set (June 25, 1972), and their Long Beach Arena set (June 27, 1972).

For this reissue, the tapes have been remastered. They are also presented in 5.1 Surround for the Blu-ray Audio playback, which will provide DTS-Master Audio for both the 5.1 and Stereo versions, and hi-res Stereo. These are given as 96kHz/24-bit tracks.

The 4LP set feature 180g-weight vinyl.


Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) To Release New Anthology CD, Rare & Timeless

Progressive music took many, many turns as the ’60s turned into the ’70s. One such band that helped shape genre shifts was Uriah Heep. Formed in 1969. By 1970, this turnstile band (boasting of several classic-era line-ups over time, had released its debut, Very ‘Eavy Very ‘Umble. By 1973, Uriah Heep had released Sweet Freedom as a new signing to Warner Brothers, with the release of their successful single, “Stealin'”.

Between their debut and Sweet Freedom, the band released four other classics (Salisbury – 1971, Look At Yourself – 1971, Demons & Wizards – 1972, The Magician’s Birthday – 1972). With Demons & Wizards, the band had enormous US success with the extraction of “Easy Livin'” as a single. The songwriter for both of these mentioned Uriah Heep hits was Ken Hensley.

Ken Hensley left the confines of Uriah Heep in 1980 after the release of Conquest (1980). With only Mick Box left from the classic lineups, and the changing musical climate, Hensley felt the ongoing directional changes were not in standing with his vision. But before he left, Ken Hensley had dabbled with two solo releases (the incredible Proud Words On a Dusty Shelf (1973), and Eager To Please (1975)). After his departure, he released Free Spirit (1981). From there, Hensley, in addition to his many band collaborations, released ten solo titles.

On March 30, in conjunction with PledgeMusic and BMG UK, Ken Hensley will release a personally curated compilation of fifteen songs, some previously unreleased, and three new tracks (two brand new compositions, and one a re-record of “Lady In Black”, a Uriah Heep song from Salisbury). This new anthology will be called Rare & Timeless.

01 – Free Me (rare Russian release)
02 – Send Me An Angel (previously unreleased)
03 – If I Had The Time
04 – Guilty
05 – The Last Dance (previously unreleased)
06 – Mine (newly recorded for this anthology)
07 – I Did It All
08 – I Close My Eyes (*rare release*)
09 – Take & Take
10 – The Return
11 – Beyond The Starz
12 – Fortune
13 – Lady In Black
14 – The Longest Night (newly recorded for this anthology)
15 – Epilogue (newly recorded for this anthology)



Stranger Than Fiction, 1994 Bad Religion Classic To Be Reissued

LA Punk in the formative ’80s was a force to be reckoned with. It was as different as night and day from NYC Punk, but that didn’t change its power and strength. One of those LA bands (and there were many) was Bad Religion.

Beginning in 1982 with the release of their debut, their recorded output eventually numbered sixteen albums, their last being True North (2013). One of the classic sets was Stranger Than Fiction released back in 1994. It was their large label debut having been signed to Atlantic Records. It was their only album to reach Gold status. There were four singles pulled from the album. Stranger Than Fiction is still considered their best release.

Stranger Than Fiction had assist from luminaries like Tim Armstrong (Rancid), who sang on “Television”, Jim Lindberg (Pennywise), vocals on “Marked”, and the legendary Wayne Kramer (MC5) who contributed guitar on “Incomplete”.

On March 9, Epitaph Records (who eventually came to control the entire catalog) will release a newly remastered (by Bob Ludwig) edition of Stranger Than Fiction. This remaster will be reissued on CD, DD, and on two versions of vinyl (black, gray).


Tom Waits Asylum Classics To Be Remastered For CD, DD, and LP

On December 1 of 2017, Anti Records reissued Tom Waits’  2004 classic Real Gone album for CD and LP. We also learned then that Anti would be re-releasing Wait’s first four albums on vinyl LP. But now I’m  getting classic news concerning early Tom Waits titles eliciting a HUGE YESSsss(!) from me. The remastered LPs were originally planned for December 21 (at the time). But things change.

On March 23, Anti Records will reissue classic Tom Waits titles from the ’70s during his Asylum Records years. There will be no bonus tracks, etc but the albums to be listed will feature newly remastered tracks.


Watch for CD and DD of Closing Time (1973) on the date announced, with a 180g-weight vinyl LP planned for March 9.

Other titles are slated for CD and DD reissue that include The Heart Of Saturday Night (1974), Nighthawks At The Diner (1975, Live), Small Change (1976), Foreign Affairs (1977), Blue Valentine (1978), and Heartattack and Vine (1980). Each CD pre-order will provide eventual DD links for the same album.

It appears that the remastered LP editions (with the exception of Closing Time) will follow soon enough.

Planned for 180g-weight remastered vinyl LP later in 2018 is Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards. No date has been given for it.


The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live For 2CD and 2LP

Fans of The Grateful Dead are never too far without new product. There are the Dick’s Picks sets, the various reissues, the collections, etc…

On March 23, Grateful Dead Records will change it up a bit with the release of The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live. It is a 2CD set with a carefully selected set of nineteen tracks from various venues. The dates run the gamut of time from 1969 to 1995. The dates are time-linear presented over the two CDs (see track list below).

There will be a vinyl edition of this called The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live – Volume One: 1969-1977, and contains ten tracks over 2LPs, with the contents of CD1.

All live tracks have been newly remastered for this set.

The Best Of The Grateful Dead LiveThe Grateful Dead

01. St. Stephen (Live at The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 2/27/69)
02. Bertha (Live at The Fillmore East, New York, NY 4/27/71)
03. Wharf Rat (Live at The Fillmore East, New York, NY 4/26/71)
04. Sugar Magnolia (Live at The Olympia Theatre, Paris France 5/4/72)
05. Jack Straw (Live at The Olympia Theatre, Paris France 5/3/72)
06. Truckin’ (Live at Lyceum Theatre, London, England 5/26/72)
07. Morning Dew (Live at Lyceum Theatre, London, England 5/26/72)
08. Brown-Eyed Women (Live at The Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark 4/14/72)
09. The Music Never Stopped (Live at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA 8/13/75)
10. Estimated Prophet (Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 5/8/77)

01. Friend Of The Devil (Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY 10/27/80)
02. Feel Like A Stranger (Live at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA 10/4/80)
03. Fire On The Mountain (Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY 10/31/80)
04. Bird Song (Live 1980)
05. Ripple (Live at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA 10/4/80)
06. Eyes Of The World (Live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 3/29/90)
07. Touch Of Grey (Live at Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY 7/4/89)
08. Blow Away (Live at John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA 7/7/89)
09. So Many Roads (Live at Soldier Field, Chicago, IL 7/9/95)


Nightwish To Release Career Spanning Set, Decades: An Archive Of Song (1996-2015)

For more than twenty years, the Finnish band, Nightwish, has helped to nurture the symphonic metal genre. Started in 1996, Nightwish has produced eight studio albums, the last being Endless Forms Most Beautiful in 2015. Their vocalists have been female since their inception. The first, Tarja Turunen stayed until 2005, where she left for a solo career given her magnificent vocal range. Today, the vocalist is Floor Jansen, whose vocal style is different and yet quite adaptive to multiple applications of style.

Nightwish has proven successful worldwide since their Dark Passion Play set from 2007 where they entered every chart available and the US chart for the first time.  Since, their music has become widely accepted with subsequent albums topping charts at higher and higher points.

On March 9, Nuclear Blast Records will release a 2CD compilation of twenty-two songs from the catalog of Nightwish. This collection is being called Decades: An Archive of Song (1996-2005). Decades will be released as 2CD (jewelcase), 2CD (digipak), a 2CD Earbook Box, DD, 3LP Limited Edition (500) Gold vinyl Box, 3LP Limited Edition (500) Silver vinyl Box, and a 3LP Black vinyl Box. The Digipak, Earbook Box, and Vinyl 3LP Boxes will follow on March 16.

Decades: An Archive of Song (1996-2005)Nightwish

01 – The Greatest Show On Earth
02 – Élan
03 – My Walden
04 – Storytime
05 – I Want My Tears Back
06 – Amaranth
07 – The Poet And The Pendulum
08 – Nemo
09 – Wish I Had An Angel

01 – Ghost Love Score
02 – Slaying The Dreamer
03 – End Of All Hope
04 – 10th Man Down
05 – The Kinslayer
06 – Dead Boy’s Poem
07 – Gethsemane
08 – Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
09 – Sacrament Of Wilderness
10 – Sleeping Sun
11 – Elvenpath
12 – The Carpenter
13 – Nightwish (demo)