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New Mike Oldfield Album, Return To Ommadawn

An interesting release scheduled for January is a sequel to a previous – and well-aged – album from 1975. That original album is Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield. Released after his successful Tubular Bells in 1973, and his Hergest Ridge in 1974, Ommadawn was readily received by his anxious fanbase. Most of his albums have been excellent to not disappoint.

On January 20, Mike Oldfield will release Return To Ommadawn as a revisitation of that world he created via music. As this will be an import to the US, a week’s delay will set the US availability at January 27. The album will be issued on CD, vinyl LP, DD, and a richly rewarding CD/DVD Deluxe Edition, which will contain the 5.1 Surround mix of the two-track, 40-minute plus, creation.

The new album is being well-bundled via the Virgin Records website. You can head over here and pick a package that suits you.


Judas Priest to Release 3CD 30th Anniversary Edition of Turbo

Judas Priest has slowly but consistently been updating their catalog releases with new remastering and extended sets. Their last update was Defenders Of The Faith (1984), reissued as a 3CD Deluxe Edition.

On February 3. Legacy will revisit the catalog of Judas Priest with a 3CD Deluxe Edition of Turbo. Turbo was the band’s tenth studio album released in 1986 making 2016 the 30th Anniversary. This new edition of Turbo will feature not only newly remastered audio, but will add in two CDs covering the full live show from the 1986 support tour, Fuel For Life. The show represented is from the Kemper Arena date in Kansas City.

If you head over to the Judas Priest webstore, you can get your hands on any one of a number of cool bundles that include CDs, LPs, tee-shirts, patches, etc.

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Turbo will also be released on 150g-weight vinyl LP.

Turbo – Judas Priest

CD1: TURBO (original album remastered)
01 – Turbo Lover
02 – Locked In
03 – Private Property
04 – Parental Guidance
05 – Rock You All Around The World
06 – Out In The Cold
07 – Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
08 – Hot For Love
09 – Reckless

01 – Out In the Cold
02 – Locked In
03 – Heading Out To The Highway
04 – Metal Gods
05 – Breaking The Law
06 – Love Bites
07 – Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
08 – The Sentinel
09 – Private Property
10 – Desert Plains
11 – Rock You All Around The World

12 – The Hellion
13 – Electric Eye
14 – Turbo Lover
15 – Freewheel Burning
16 – Victim Of Changes
17 – The Green Manalishi (With The Two -Pronged Crown)
18 – Living After Midnight
19 – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
20 – Hell Bent For Leather


The Feelies To Release New Album, In Between

The Feelies arrived back in 1980 with the release of their Stiff Records album, Crazy Rhythms. They immediately captured the attention of critics with their unusual style. After the release of their debut, they continued with several albums that were released long after the excellent first set. As a matter of reference, those subsequent albums were not released on the influential Stiff label, but were picked up by TwinTone, and then A&M Records. The Feelies have released five albums, with Here Before their last issue back in 2011.

On February 24, Bar/None Records will release he band’s next new album. It will be called In Between. The new album will feature eleven songs. In Between will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The LP will offer a download rights card as a bonus.

In Between is the band’s sixth album (in 40 years!!).

In Between – The Feelies

01 In Between
02 Turn Back Time
03 Stay The Course
04 Flag Days
05 Pass The Time
06 When To Go
07 Been Replaced
08 Gone, Gone, Gone
09 Time Will Tell
10 Make It Clear
11 In Between (Reprise)


New Jesus And Mary Chain Album, Damage And Joy

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve gotten a new album by The Jesus and Mary Chain. In their prime, during the fresh and relevant period of their releases, the band provided seven studio albums that began with their 1985 Psychocandy set. It ended with their Munki album, issued in 1998. That’s 18 years ago. That’s about to update.

On March 24, the current iteration of The Jesus and Mary Chain will release their next album, Damage and Joy. This next album will feature fourteen tracks. The new title will be released on standard CD, DD, and a vinyl LP. In addition, the new album will be issued in a surging format, tape cassette.

You can listen to the first single off the album below.

Damage And Joy – The Jesus And Mary Chain

01 Amputation
02 War On Peace
03 All Things Pass
04 Always Sad
05 Song For A Secret
06 The Two Of Us
07 Los Feliz (Blues And Greens)
08 Mood Rider
09 Presidici (Et Chapaquiditch)
10 Get On Home
11 Facing Up To The Facts
12 Simian Split
13 Black And Blues
14 Can’t Stop The Rock


Leon Russell’s Carney Gets Remastered 200g Vinyl LP

Recently, it was noted that vinyl had outstripped digital download as a medium of distribution. Surprisingly, that announcement is one that evokes disbelief. But there it is. Now, having said that (and with the deepest respect to Leon Russell)…

On January 27, Acoustic Sounds will re-release Carney, the 1972 classic that enjoyed a #2 ranking on Billboard’s Hot 200 albums chart AND a top charting single, “Tight Rope”, as a remastered vinyl edition.

Carney will be remastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio from the original analog tapes. The new vinyl edition will be pressed on 200g-weight black vinyl. As a benefit for long lasting jacket, the jacket for Carney is created from heavyweight stock by Stoughton Printing, a notable manufacturer of sturdy LP jackets.

I realize that not all readers of TAP are proponents of this new vinyl resurgence. I do hope that since the new remaster is completed, that it might find an outlet as a Special Edition CD.


[UPDATE] New Ozzy-era Black Sabbath Set – The Ultimate Collection

[UPDATE: This CD and LP set commemorating the Ozzy-era Black Sabbath was previously scheduled for November 18 but is now on the calendar for February 3, 2017. Also, an unboxing video found at the end of this article.]

black-sabbath-the-ultimate-collectionFor many of us, we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 4CD Paranoid Box set of the classic 1970 Black Sabbath album. But before that arrives, BMG will be releasing a nice 2CD ‘best of’ for the band, filled with songs that you know and love. All of the songs found on this collection are representative of the Ozzy-era ONLY! That means the set collects from the 1970 eponymous debut on through the last to feature Ozzy, Never Say Die! from 1978.

The new Ozzy-era Anthology is being called The Ultimate Collection. It is planned for CD, DD, hi-res HD DD, and a cool 1980g-weight vinyl LP set with 4LPs.

The 2CD sett is now planned for February 3, 2017.

The four LPs will be housed in a uniquely designed ‘crucifold’ jacket hat folds outward into a crucifix shape. Each end of the cross will house an LP. The 4LP set will arrive on February 3.

All tracks are newly remastered!


The Ultimate Collection – Black Sabbath


01 Paranoid
02 Never Say Die
03 Iron Man
04 Black Sabbath
05 Children Of The Grave
06 Fairies Wear Boots
07 Changes
08 Rat Salad
09 Sweet Leaf
10 War Pigs
11 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
12 Hole In The Sky
13 Symptom Of The Universe
14 Spiral Architect
15 Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor


01.Dirty Women
02 Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me
03 A Hard Road
04 Lord Of This World
05 Into The Void
06 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
07 Snowblind
08 Tomorrow’s Dream
09 The Wizard
10 N.I.B.
11 Electric Funeral
12 Embryo
13 Killing Yourself To Live
14 Am I Going Insane
15 Wicked World
16 It’s Alright




New Brian Eno Album, Reflection, Arrives In January

reflection-brian-enoThe last album from Brian Eno was The Ship, released earlier in 2016. It featured vocals and was an extraordinary album that many of us fans knew he was capable of. However, vocalized albums, or musically ambient, Brian Eno’s body of work is always mesmerizing. To date, we have over 25 solo sets that include Here Come The Warm Jets (1974), Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974), Discreet Music (1975), Music For Airports (Ambient 1) (1978), Thursday Afternoon(1985), and the previously mentioned The Ship (2016). That doesn’t even incllude his list of brilliant collaborative sets that add in classics like No Pussyfooting (with Robert Fripp – 1973), High Life (with Karl Hyde – 2014, and not to ever forget My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (with David Byrne – 1981) and their follow-up in Everything That Will Happen Will Happen Today (2008). But Brian Eno is never done.

On January 1, via Warp Records, Brian Eno will release a single track ambient album called Reflection. Eno equates it to his decades ago album, Thursday Afternoon, which also contained a single ambient track. To date, there are no snippets to get a feel of what’s going through his musical mind.

I just feel lucky to to soon be able to immerse within the confines of his imaginative music palate. In this case, Eno says that the sounds are making themselves, after which he becomes the proprietor of their mix. He refers to this next step in his musical evolution as “generative”. He has also hinted that the captured by recording sounds were mixed in various ways, or generations of mixes, one making way for a better one until he arrived at the most satisfying mix to be presented in Reflection.

Reflection will be delivered on CD, and vinyl LP.


2CD 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Of The Grateful Dead Arrives In January

grateful-dead-50th-2cdThe Grateful Dead has left behind a legacy of awe and respect. The band enjoyed three distinct periods of popularity: their emergence and their Warner Brothers years and their UA-distributed Grateful Dead Records years, their Arista Records years, and the years that followed their official recordings (their last was Built To Last back in 1989). But their fan-base is still as rabid as ever. Plus, they continue to gain new fans.

The band formed in the middle ’60s. Their first album for Warner Records was their self-titled classic, released in 1967. And in 2017, that album will be fifty years old!

On January 13, Grateful Dead Productions will recognize that 50th Anniversary with a newly remastered Deluxe Edition of The Grateful Dead. In addition to already welcomed news, the release will add in another CD that contains the previously unreleased FULL show of their July 29, 1966 set at the P.N.E. Garden Auditorium in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and as another bonus, will include four live performance tracks from the subsequent evening at the same venue.

This 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will also be released on vinyl LP as a picture disc. It will be limited to a run of only 10,000 copies.

Good news, indeed, Deadheads!
The Grateful Dead (50th Anniversary Edition – 2CD) – The Grateful Dead

CD1 – Original Album Remastered:

01 The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
02 Beat It On Down The Line
03 Good Morning Little School Girl
04 Cold Rain And Snow
05 Sitting On Top Of The World
06 Cream Puff War
07 Morning Dew
08 New, New Minglewood Blues
09 Viola Lee Blues

CD2 – Live at P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 7/29/66:

01 Standing On The Corner
02 I Know You Rider
03 Next Time You See Me
04 Sitting On Top Of The World
05 You Don’t Have To Ask
06 Big Boss Man
07 Stealin’
08 Cardboard Cowboy
09 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
10 Cream Puff War
11 Viola Lee Blues
12 Beat It On Down The Line
13 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
14 Cold Rain And Snow
15 One Kind Favor
16 Hey Little One
17 New, New Minglewood Blues

Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall Arrives On Vinyl LP In February

For Iggy Pop fans, especially the ones who rejoiced at his recently released album, Post Pop Depression, and his live follow-up, Live At the Royal Albert Hall. there’s this. Of course, there’s this for vinyl fans (you CD fans already have that document firmly in hand).

On February 10, 2017, the vinyl LP edition of Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall will be made available to those Iggy Pop fans who were desirous of a vinyl set commemorating the event.

A good deal, I think!




40th Anniversary Rush Classic, 2112, Planned For December

rush-2112-40th-cropIf you ask people which Rush album was the one that started their life-long adoration of the band, i’d likely be 2112. Of course, there are those that found them before that album, but I wonder as to how many. I missed their first album, and came in the the tail end of their third, just a short bit before 2112. But it was 2112 that I loved, with Caress of Steel coming in a very close second. And to think that it’s 40 years old!

On December 16, Mercury Records will release a remastered and expanded 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of 2112 called 2112 40th. And filled with riches worthy of the lyrics of a Rush tune.

There will be three variations of 2112 that will include a 2CD/1DVD Deluxe set, a massive all-inclusive Super Deluxe Edition, DD, and a 200g-weight 3LP set.



The 2CD and DVD Deluxe Edition will provide the original album with 2015 remastering found on the first CD. The second CD will offer rare material from the album’s period including live performance tracks, and some previously unreleased songs from the period. The DVD will provide a video of a full 1976 concert from their show at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ. Also found on the DVD will be a new interview with Alex Lifeson, and their long-time engineer and producer, Terry Brown. there are other segments included as well.

The 3LP vinyl set will offer not only the etched art found on the 2015 vinyl edition, but will also include an exclusive Starman turntable mat.


The Super Deluxe Edition will provide the 2CDs, the DVD, and the 3LP vinyl package in one purchase. Also included in that huge set will be two 12″x 12″ lithographs, a reprint of a show program (Massey Hall), three buttons (one with each band member), and with the first 1000 pre-orders, a bonus 7″ ‘big hole’ vinyl single of “The Twilight Zone” b/w “Lessons”. As an extra bonus, a newly designed 45 adapter ring will be included. All of the sets will be housed in a velvet lined box.


The included book will have more photos, new liner notes, and more additional greatness.

2112 (40th Anniversary Edition) – Rush

CD1: (Original Album Newly Remastered by Abbey Road Studios)

01 – 2112
05 – TEARS

CD2: (Bonus Tracks)

02 – OVERTURE – Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Nick Raskulinecz
03 – A PASSAGE TO BANGKOK – Billy Talent
04 – THE TWILIGHT ZONE – Steven Wilson
04 – TEARS – Alice In Chains
06 – 2112 – Live at Massey Hall 1976 Outtake
07 – SOMETHING FOR NOTHING – Live at Massey Hall 1976 Outtake
08 – THE TWILIGHT ZONE – Live 1977 Contraband
09 – 2112 1976 RADIO AD

DVD (Live at Capitol Theatre 1976):

04 – 2112
Bonus Videos:
07 – OVERTURE: Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Nick Raskulinecz
08 – A PASSAGE TO BANGKOK: Behind The Scenes with Billy Talent
09 – 2112 – 40 YEARS CLOSER: A Q&A with Alex Lifeson and Terry Brown