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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Warm in the Wake
American Prehistoric

I love the old ‘60s pop tune gems and so, when I hear those old styles flawlessly executed by fresh new bands, I always have a tendency to sit up and pay some attention.  Yes, I’m a nostalgic bug that will likely never let go of the past but at least I have a lot of company.  Atlanta’s Warm in the Wake has a damn good idea of themselves when it comes to grown up pop tunes.  Their new album, American Prehistoric, supplies 15 solid pop tunes, all of which are filled with the ingredients of a classic offering of wonderful songs.  Listen to the perfect “Devil With a Fist” and you begin to know what I mean.

Warm in the Wake is not afraid to step outside the current era’s lust for all things pop-punk, and supply a song-starved era with genuine music.  With influences that remind of CSN, Beatles, and all of those good ‘60s singles, crammed with an instrument-rich confluence of harmonies and a talent for song-craft, Warm in the Wake, despite their strange name, has captured my attention.  They’re likely to capture yours too.

Release Date: August 28, 2007
Produced by: Colin Cobb

Format: CD

Track Listing:

Rome (Intro) / American Prehistoric / Airport Girl / Pawn Shop Heart / Joseph Campbell / She'd Never Seen It / Reelin' / Galapagos (Reelin' Reprise) / Dark Gypsy Moth / Devil With a Fist / Antique Knives / Tantrum / Reservoir / DNA / Over and Over.

Warm in the Wake:

Chris Rowell - Vocals / Guitar
Daniel Barker - Keyboards
Andy Barker - Bass
James Taylor Jr - Drums.

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