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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Zombie Prostitute

Caught up in a world of the bizarre, one that is immediately humorous, yet still says something about the human state, is NYC’s Voltaire.  His music has been noted as gypsy-like, a measure of gypsy violin an essential part of his songs.  Anyone that remembers the delightful “When You’re Evil” from his debut album, The Devil’s Bris (1998), is already no stranger to the catchy lyrics and music of Voltaire.

It’s been several years since the release of his last album, Then and Again (2004) leaving fans naturally awaiting his promised Ooky Spooky work, expected this year (2007).  Zombie Prostitute, is an EP that combines several upcoming Ooky Spooky cuts, a recorded tribute song, “China Girl,” found on a David Bowie tribute collection (.2 Contamination: A Tribute to David Bowie), a demo cut (“Cantina”), and a live version of “Hell in a Hand Basket,” drawn from the limited edition CD called Voltaire Live.  That’s quite a nice little collection of tunes for Voltaire fans.

The new songs include, “Zombie Prostitute,” a fast paced piano and violin composition that is pure Voltaire, full of the same energies that we have come to enjoy, and a Spanish flavoured “Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead – Spanish Version) that is equally as frenetic, right down to the “gritos.”

I love the demo inclusion here of “Cantina,” a Hank Williams tinged tune that is perfect in its present incarnation.  The EP ends with the live “Hell in a Hand Basket,” from a June 30th, 2006 show in Austin, Texas.

If you haven’t heard Voltaire, then you need to head over to his MySpace page, drink in a few cuts, and then start with The Devil’s Bris, especially “When You’re Evil,” the wickedly humorous and musically effectual braggadocio of Evil , who says, “…The Devil tips his hat to me, I do it all because I'm evil, And I do it all for free, Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need.”

Release Date: October 17, 2006
Produced by: George Grant
Format: CD/EP

Track Listing:

Zombie Prostitute / Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead - Spanish Version) / China Girl / Cantina (Demo) / Hell in a Handbasket (Live).


Voltaire - Acoustic Guitar / Vocals
Glenn Sorino - Drums
Gregor Kitzis - Violin
Matthew Goeke - Cello
Kiku Collins - Horns.

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