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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Live - Royal Carre Theatre

Many months ago, I received a DVD from a band called Venice. I try to get through all that I can but it sometimes gets quite hard and eventually, the disc finds itself under a steep pile. Recently, I had to start to catalog some of it and came back to this DVD. What a great surprise.

The band, made up of two sets of brothers who are cousins to each other, got their start in 1977 and accompanied by a various group of musicians. They lay claim to being related to The Lennon Sisters (two of the band are brothers to the sisters) thereby cementing the musical legacy of the large family.

The band’s music can be largely defined as country-folk-rock and will bring to mind CSN with dashes of America.

Live at The Royal Carre Theatre showcases the group in ‘front of the stage’ performances that are robust and extraordinary. With perfect and well manicured harmonies, you’ll be equally as amazed as I was to the professionalism and perfection found.

This DVD provides 23 songs in the concert setting, more than enough to provide satisfaction. Released in 2003, this set offers audio for Stereo, Dolby 5.1, DTS and is presented in widescreen format. There is a documentary and a photo gallery. MusicTAP heartily recommends this one. Go to www.venicecentral.com more details.

Release Date: N/A
Chapters: 23 - Time: N/A
Produced by: Venice
Format: DVD
Website: www.venicecentral.com

Track Listing:

Intro / We're Still Here / Hideaway Hill / Circle of Life / The Only Love I Had / Road To Where You Are / Starting Here Again / Precious Stone / Sweet Aloha / Welcome To The Rest of Your Life / Family Tree / Stuck In The Middle With You / Always / Baby's Calling / Most of Us / End of The World / World Upon My Back / The Man You Think I Am / Think Again / If I Were You / One Quiet Day / Adobe Hacienda (Bonus Track) / Scarborough Faire (Bonus Track).


Kip Lennon - Vocals / Guitar
Mark Lennon - Vocals / Guitar
Pat Lennon - Vocals / Guitar
Michael Lennon - Vocals / Guitar.

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