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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Van der Graff Generator

Van der Graff Generator has a rich musical history dating back to their inception in 1968.  It was then, with the release of The Least We Can Do is Wave to Each Other, that they gathered a wealth of prog fans unto themselves.  With good reason, as Van der Graaf Generator’s brand of music creates memorable hooks, Trisector slips in amongst the band’s revered catalogue demanding as much attention as those do.

“The Hurleyburly,” the beginning track on the album, has a feel of transcending time and placement because it comes off so effortlessly.  Even after decades of change, it is as if this music belongs here.  Therein lies the template for the rest of Trisector’s nine songs. 

Trisector fails at nothing in being a Van der Graff Generator album.  All of the arrangements that endeared thousands of fans are richly detailed in this latest part of their musical history that spans 40 years – 40 YEARS!  Much is said about bands reforming to give one last effort at historical worth, and many fail.  Rightfully so, since to make a band viable in their displaced period, they need to speak to that new generation without compromising what made them popular in the first place.  The progressive genre fortunately allows for more experimentation giving such bands more cloth on which to create their musical quilts.  Those fans do not require a precision that other, radio-friendly components require.  Even as this wriggle room exists, the fans still require a genuine, timeless effort.  Trisector provides that and will be warmly received by the Van der Graaf faithful.

It is quite clear to me that Van der Graaf Generator need never stop recording.  They are masters at their craft, and Trisector is another brilliant work in a long line of Van der Graaf Generator classics.  Keep ‘em coming!

Release Date: April 01, 2008
Produced by: Van der Graff Generator
Format: CD

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