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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

The Trolleyvox
Your Secret Safe / Luzerne

I’ll say this now and you can haunt me with it later, or whatever, but The Trolleyvox is destined to stardom.  They are on the right path with a map in hand.  With vocals that remind of The Cranberries’ Delores O’Riordon (singer, Beth Filla even bears a visual resemblance to Delores) and a Byrdsian guitars sound, this band has crafted an album of music that is something to listen to.  It’s all pop, early Rock in sound but oh so pleasant to hear.  And how do I come to feel this way?  Give it a listen and you’ll be just as fond of the music as I’ve become, and on first listen.

This band, hailing from Philadelphia, hits all the right notes, obviously, on their latest release, the confusingly bi-polar double album – one stylistic flip for each album with a booklet that needs to be turned upside down, or rightside up, for the other album’s lyrics.  While the lyrics and their meanings are incomprehensible with the likes of “…rock star moccasin heather…” and “…in my Turkish taffy car…” to “Kiss a megaton” and “put your roses in turpentine,” the power pop melodies of the first album elevate the songs to their lovable stage, with Filla’s vocal delivery the cherry on the whipped cream, and the soft introspection of the second album.  But with songs like the Go-Gos-like “Rabbit in the Sun,” and the ‘60s-like “Jean Jacket,” from the first disc (Your Secret Safe), and the Red House Painters-like “Red Plum” from the acoustic and softer second disc (Luzerne), this collection of two sides of Trolleyvox shows the depth and fun of a band worth their salt.

Release Date: October 02, 2007
Produced by: Brian McTear & Andrew Chalfen
Format: CD

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