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Reviewed by - Dw Dunphy
The Insult Comic Dog
Come Poop with Me
Released: November 04, 2003
Origination Year: 2003
Time: N/A
Tracks: 21 + 12/DVD
Produced by: Jimmy Vivino & Robert Smigel
Style: Studio
Format: CD/DVD
Enhancement: Bonus DVD

Poop. Turd. Caca. Skidmarks.

Every former class clown knows that if you want the crowd eating out of your hand, keep a little filth in your mouth. Said class clown also knows that, even if the majority gets offended, they’ll still initially laugh. It’s not so much the funny as it is the shock. Some comedians, let’s say George Carlin, Lenny Bruce or Bill Hicks, can inject a little wit and wisdom into the profane and give the jokes a life beyond the punchline. Triumph The Insult Comic Dog is none of them because, in fact, he’s a hand puppet. Still, there’s no reason that every bit must arrive at the scatological conclusion.

But yeah, I laughed. First time around the CD I laughed pretty consistently. I laughed when Conan O’Brien made his guest appearance to admit that “Cats are c****”. I laughed a little less when Adam Sandler’s guest turn yielded “30 Seconds Of Magic”. By the time Saturday Night Live’s Horatio Sanz equated Mother Teresa, a potato and a sector of the female anatomy, I’d pretty much checked out. This brow wasn’t going to go any higher, it seemed. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not coming at this disc with misplaced, prudish moralism. That “parental advisory” sticker isn’t there on the cover for balanced graphic composition. But every class clown knows when the crowd knows your material too well.

Voiced by Late Night With Conan O’Brien stalwart Robert Smigel, the character has perfect vocal phrasing, squeezing out smirks by the way he teases the words. He’s got the timing, no question about it. What he doesn’t have, at least not on the CD portion of this two-disc audio-visual assault, is that stupid looking puppet, the beans and weenies of the joke. I mean, look at it, all vacant-eyed and plastic with a huge cigar magically placed in the rubbery maw. And Triumph’s television appearances were funny because there was always the necessary dancing around censors. Creative double entendre can get the point across well enough, but all the fences are down and puppy’s pooping at will. It just gets tiresome.

Moving on to the second disc, a pretty substantial DVD so far as these two-pack deals run, the promise of the visual counterpoint kept me thinking things might get promising. However, the skits are mostly the same as represented on the audio portion and the other parts, mostly interviews with pseudo-celebrities like the odious Ben “Former Dell Guy” Curtis, Jared “I eat at Subway” Fogel and The Sopranos’ Vinnie “Big Pussy” Pastore, came across as threadbare padding.

And it’s kind of sad because I did, I swear, laugh at some of the bits. As lewd and ludicrous as this is, some of Come Poop With Me is still very funny. But it certainly isn’t going to survive beyond being a novelty release and I certainly can’t give it an honorable recommendation.

Sorry to poo-pooh it for you.

Track Listing:
CD - Intro; Who; Underage Bichon; Call to Kennel; Benji's Queer; On the Road; Lick Myself; Call to STD Hotline; Cats Are C****; 30 Seconds of Magic; Call From Triumph's Son; Blackwolf; Call to Chinese Restaurant; You Have to Work Blue; My Mama; Bob Barker; Call to Catalog; Together in Pooping; No Rules in the Animal Kingdom; In the Studio; I Keed.

DVD - Little Roundworm; Interview with Kurt Loder; Sense of Smell; Interview with Vinnie "Big Pussy" Pastore; Cats Are C****; Interview with Ben "Dell Guy" Curtis; Interview with Jared "Subway" Fogle; Blackwolf; Interviews with Janeane Garofalo and Robert Wuhl; You Have to Work Blues; Bob Barker; Together in Pooping.

Triumph the Comice Insult Dog: Robert Smigel w/ Various.

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