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Thy Veils - The Diaphanous Depressions
2002 / 56:13 Minutes / 19 Tracks / Studio / CD
Release Date: June 20, 2002 - NonNut Muzik
Produced by: Daniel Dorobantu

Reviewed by Matt Rowe on November 03, 2002

Ambient music flavours the feeling of an individual; what drives them and what makes them afraid. When it is done well, it becomes a merging of souls. Much of the success of great ambient music depends upon the creator and their sensitivity to the subject matter they are developing a soundtrack for. How deeply they intertwine themselves with their style is a key ingredient to producing a genuine experience for the listener.

To absorb an audience is to provide that audience with a complete and concentrated cranial adventure where imagination joins the music to produce imagery and emotion. The “loss of time” element found in excellent ambient music is indicative of a masterful understanding of the spirit and the manipulation of sound to transport the listener to strange and wonderful places. It must have a flow; a binding facet with power. That power must be immense. Otherwise, you’re just hearing noise.

Daniel Dorobantu, the architect of “The Diaphanous Depressions”, explores the inner arena of man. An arena where fear walks unopposed; where hate, disgust and every diseased thought is an opponent waiting to exert supremacy over the man’s moral merry go round.

"The Diaphanous Depressions" begins with a tingling sense of foreboding, much like the moments before falling asleep when every fear rises from their crypts. Like an intensifying mist from the earth, the brooding sounds of Thy Veils envelops the listener, swallowing them into a vast, dark cellar of dread.

Tapping into the fount of all that is contained in the inner self, Daniel Dorobantu, has formed a symphony of despair. Drawing from this well, and exporting what emerges into melodies, is a talent reserved only for the ambitious and the understanding. This recording is the result of such a talent. Dorobantu’s collection of tears winds down every corridor and plumbs every depth of the concept called turmoil and pain.

There are 19 songs on this disc, each an exploration. With skillful use of the instruments to produce an atmosphere, Daniel Dorobantu runs the emotional ride from softly foreboding to erratic flight.

Leaving” begins the disc with a brain quivering madness. “Through The Halfdark” conjures an impending storm of maniacal madness. As the disc evolves, the wind chimes that toll in “The Depths” present a sense of determined doom. Throughout the disc, there is an ever increasingly developed sense of despair, honed and grasping the heart.

However good this disc is, it is still in need of a tighter flow. The songs are very unique and individual, which leaves the soundworld that is created a bit threadbare. It should run like a story with a continuous feed. The pieces that comprise this album are too short for the type of conceptual detailing that it demands. But this is not a hack on the quality of the pieces. But when Thy Veils reaches that stage, and that isn’t far away, their worlds will enthrall.


Sonically, the disc scores well. With a clear mix that works each instrument to maximize the eeriness, this recording takes full measure of its output and delivers.


An artistic four page booklet that adds to the mystic set of Diaphanous Depressions incorporates interesting artwork.


If you like the ambient structures of a lost world where no one survives and only death rules, then "The Diaphanous Depressions" is your soundtrack. I look forward to new material by Thy Veils in the future.

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Thy Veils:

Daniel Dorobantu
All Instruments

  1. Leaving
  2. Through The Halfdark
  3. Night Desert
  4. The Depths
  5. Desorien
  6. As The Rain Is Clearing My Pain
  7. Ensamble theme
  8. Cumulus
  9. Fast Bird
  10. Hunt at the Haunted Forest
  11. No One's
  12. Bells and Oboe Theme
  13. Sword (Charon Mercure, Part II)
  14. Short Piece (for Flute and Guitar)
  15. Thoughts
  16. Vacuous Seas
  17. Waiting Theme
  18. Fury
  19. Wind Anywhere