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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

George Thorogood
25th Anniversary Edition
Bad to the Bone

More than 25 years ago, George Thorogood left Rounder Records, where he had already produced several fine albums that included Move It on Over, to the environs of a larger label.  What he gave was Bad to the Bone, an album that did more to identify George Thorogood than even his previous diamonds had done, although his Rounder releases went far in bringing Thorogood to his audience.  And if you don’t know about the Rounder releases, you surely should.  Correct yourself and get familiar.

George Thorogood brought an incredibly electric blues to a public that resulted in a hit for him in “Bad to the Bone.”  His music had further matured by the time of his third release although with less a raw feel, and more of a classic feel.  This 25th Anniversary Edition provides the original classic album with a needed update that sounds great.  I particularly love the slide in “Miss Luann,” making that my favourite song of the bunch.  He also puts his own stamp on Chuck Berry’s own classic, “No Particular Place to Go.”  The newly recorded version of “No Particular Place to Go” creates a more classic sounding version than Thorogood’s original cover sounded. 

Capitol’s reissue of this classic is expanded by 6 new re-recordings of songs that are already on this album.  In addition, a non-album track is included, “That Philly Thing.”  “That Philly Thing” originally was a B-side to the “Nobody But Me” single and is an instrumental cut.  The noticeable thing on these new songs is their updated feel.  “Bad to the Bone” is more modern, more metallic, yet somewhat less aggressive.  Thorogood’s trademark growl is virtually gone.  However, the song feels good even if it is a departure from the original.

Release Date: August 14, 2007
Produced by: N/A
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Back to Wentzville / Blue Highway / Nobody But Me / It's a Sin / New Boogie Chillun / Bad to the Bone / Miss Luann / As The Years Go Passing By / No Particular Place to Go / Wanted Man / That Philly Thing (Bonus Track - Instrumental B-Side) / New Recordings: Blue Highway / New Boogie Chillun / No Particular Place to Go / As The Years Go Passing By / Bad to the Bone / Wanted Man.

George Thorogood and The Destroyers:

George Thorogood - Vocals / Guitars
Jeff Simon - Drums
Billy Blough - Bass
Hank Carter - Saxophone.

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