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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Tegan and Sara
The Con

You cannot help but be attracted to the AM pop-style of the new album by Tegan and Sara.  This Canadian duo, who are, incidentally, identical twins, work so well together, making The Con, something pleasant to hear and fun to enjoy.  Filled to the edges with an infectious and melodic new wave pop, The Con is good quality stuff, and that’s rare to encounter.

But not everything on The Con works to full effect.  “Are You Ten Years Ago” is robotic, and therefore somewhat antiseptic when compared with the rest of the album’s melodic music.  Fortunately, it is alone in its awkwardness and doesn’t hurt the rest of the album.  The strong album tracks include “The Con,” “Relief Next to Me,” and the lyrically cool “Floorplan,” (“…I want your lungs to stop working without me…”).

If the booklet is to be trusted, the sisters don’t always share the stage together in the recording of a song found on the album.  As a result, each song seems to become the personality of the sister that the song belongs to.  For example, “Back In your Head,” tags Sara as the only Quin sister in the song.  It is softer, more comfortable, while Tegan spices up “Hop a Plane,” with a more aggressive style.  However, both girls, alone or together on tracks, sum up The Con with a strong pop presence, sweet to the taste and easy to revisit.

Release Date: July 24, 2007
Produced by: Christopher Walla, Tegan r Quin, and Sara k Quin

Track Listing:

I Was Married / Relief Next to Me / The Con / Knife Going In / Are You Ten Years Ago / Back in Your Head / Hop a Plane / Soil Soil / Burn Your Life Down / Nineteen / Floorplan / Like O, Like h / Dark Come Soon / Call It Off.


Tegan and Sarah:

Tegan Quin - Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards
Sara Quin - Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards / Piano
Matt Sharp - Bass

Ted Gowans - Guitar / Keyboards
Jason McGerr - Drums / Percussion
Hunter Burgan - Bass
Kaki Keen - Lap Steel / Guitars
Christopher Walla - Bass / Cymbals / Tiny Guitars / Organ / Shakers / Keyboards .

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