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Reviewed by - Paul Bonnington

Secrets and Lies

Formed as a 3-piece teen band, the dream of every young boy as he nears college age, especially when you might be good enough to make a living doing what most dream, Taint, has delivered.  They signed a record deal, produced a string of albums and EPs, toured with increasingly stronger names, eventually finding their own burgeoning band of fans.

 Secrets and Lies is Taint’s second full-length album.  It opens with a bang and brings you through a full range of developed artistic expression.  Taint delivers exciting guitar riffs with unexpected twists and turns in every song, a sure sign of their musical development.  “Hex Breaker,” the first track, lets you know right away the band refuses to compromise its core heavy metal sound.  It is melodic and heavy and will no doubt get most fans heads rockin’ the hard way, just as intended.

This Wales-based threesome has no problem putting together stunning tracks that totally rock. But, don’t expect the same hard-core sound erupting in every song.  With tracks like “What the Crow Saw,” they bring a newer, mellower sound.  “Mass Appeal Sadness” finishes the party like it started and if you pay attention closely, you’ll find a hidden track as a bonus.

Taint has done a fantastic job of maintaining the steadfastness of their original and exciting origin.  Secrets and Lies emphasize the band’s creative intent.

Release Date: February 12, 2008
Produced by: N/A
Format: CD

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