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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

We Are Switches

Switches, the UK band that already has an EP and album release in their native land, is crossing the waters with a recently released EP of 4 songs that include an infectious “Lay Down the Law,” a pop-punk tune that is already heads and tails above most of usual stuff getting released and has a distinct Modest Mouse feel.  Drawing influence from the early ‘80s, with some hints at ‘60s/later ‘70s music, Switches can rock the house easily enough.  Even so, the music is current and fits in.

Interscope has wisely decided to introduce the band to their US audience with this 4-song EP, promising to deliver an album to the US markets on March 18 of 2008.  That album will be called Lay Down the Law, and should contain the same track-list as their July 2, 2007 UK release of Heart Turned to D.E.A.D.  All of the songs found on this US EP are songs featured on that UK album release.

Rock Music fans of most ages should find this introductory EP quite satisfying, piquing your interest for more.  It’s good old-fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll, and that’s what we all like.

Release Date: October 16, 2007
Produced by: Rob Schnapt (1,2) and Paul Schroeder (3,4)
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Lay Down the Law / Drama Queen / Message From Yuz / No Hero.


Matt Bishop - Vocals / Guitar
Ollie Thomas - Guitar / Vocals
Max Tite - Bass
Jimmy G - Drums.

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