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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Sunday Drivers
Archetypes EP

Sunday Drivers are a trio of LA-based musicians making all of this excellent music.  With a radio market so infused with all of this sameness, it’s refreshing to hear something that actually stands out like Sunday Drivers.  Noting the success that Interpol, Strokes, and others like them have enjoyed, it leaves me no thought other than that the Sunday Drivers should easily enjoy that same interest.  And I think they might even be better.

The Archetypes 4-track EP precedes Sunday Drivers’ forthcoming album (when it’s ready) shows a lot of promise, well, maybe even more than that.  With a feel of the 80s in the grooves, the music is a bit like Interpol in their sound.  And while this might sound a bit too derivative, more of the same “me too,” Sunday Drivers’ music is quite intriguing.  In fact, it kept me coming back to it for repeat plays.

From the perfect “The Sweetest Disguise” through the Strokes/Interpol-like “Lions of the Empire,” Sunday Drivers is one of the more exciting recording artists releasing new millennium music this year.  What more can I say but check them out.  I’m looking forward to a full-length release from the band.

I love ‘em! 

Release Date: May 08, 2007
Produced by: Daniel Victor / Sunday Drivers / Phillip Jordan
Format: CD

Track Listing:

The Sweetest Disguise / Endless Summer / Rams / Lions of the Empire.

Sunday Drivers:

Brady Erickson - Guitars / Vocals
Marisa Dupuis - Bass
Bryan Zaebst - Drums

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