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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Ringo Starr
Liverpool 8

Ringo Starr has made a variety of music on his own, likely more varied than other members of the famous quartet that earned his buck.  His “Photograph” and “It Don’t Come Easy” were two very valid insertions into the extended legend of the Beatles and their solo careers.  The collected music of the other three (John, Paul, George) were paid much more attention as songs but Ringo and his output has a place. 

On a personal level, I would have loved to hear more music like the previously mentioned songs.  With the proper attention paid, I’m sure that we would have heard them.  On Liverpool 8, Ringo Starr, delivers a wonderful album bringing in the talents of Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) as producer and collaborator in a long overdue, very satisfying project.

Liverpool 8 is a front jewel on Ringo’s crown, easily ranking amongst his best collective efforts.  Back in the ‘70s, this album would have scored well.  It does so now but it was the early ‘70s that held the promise of a long career filled with meaningful and worthwhile songs.  Regardless, it is 2008, and the release of Liverpool 8 reminds that Ringo does have the ability to create gems.

Liverpool 8 begins with the nostalgic title cut, a reference to his telephone exchange (or so I understand it) and where he came from.  It is musically captivating, with the indelible stamp of Starr.  It is also the deserved first album cut as a single.  It just works.  It is followed by other worthwhile songs like the stunning rocker, “Think About You,” the catchy “For Love,” and the excellent “Now That She’s Gone.”  Those are the first 4 songs.  What does this tell you?!   The rest of Liverpool 8 continues to exhibit the qualities of the first 4 songs with just a few lesser tracks, and who doesn’t have those.

Liverpool 8 has the charm of Ringo Starr in every track but with an elevated sense of striving for perfection evident within its grooves.  It’s the album that I knew Ringo was capable of making even if it isn’t the best that I know he can make.  But if Ringo follows this direction, I’m willing to bet that following albums will ascend and we’ll hear the best of Starr’s career somewhere down the road.  In the meantime, this album is an excellent Ringo Starr effort.

Welcome back, Ringo.  It’s good to have you around once again.

Release Date: January 15, 2008
Produced by: Ringo Starr & Mark Hudson
Overproduced by Ringo Starr & Dave Stewart

Format: CD

Track Listing:

Liverpool 8 / Think About You / For Love / Now That She's Gone / Gone Are the Days / Give It a Try / Tuff Love / Harry's Song / Pasodobles / If It's Love That You Want / Love Is / R U Ready?.

Ringo Starr:

Ringo Starr - Vocals / Drums
Dave Stewart - Guitar
And Others.

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