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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Taylor Smith
Stay Grateful

I’m not Hip-Hop savvy, not even close.  Every once in a while I’ll hear something that I like, something that catches my fancy, all “up in here, up in here” or “…back in the day, when I was young…”  But the music, by and large doesn’t speak to me.  I do understand how some of it is quite valid for those that accept it a personal.  Some have lyrics that address issues and describe inner turmoil.  But I’m a poor enough critic as it is.  What I write about works for me and if you get something out of it at the end, then that’s great.

I received a CD from my daughter of a San Diego white rapper, whose second album, Stay Grateful is a Hip-Hop of positive messages or as, Taylor Smith would put it, “…a message of truth and awareness.”  This album is a collaborative effort between Smith and DJ Post1.  It is handed out freely in the hopes that people can get something from the messages within.

I paid attention to this one and found it interesting.  It would seem to me, with the advent of Eminem, that the style, which thrives in the underground in clubs and other alternative stages, works well in those settings.  It utilizes a danceable beat while saying something that matters to its listeners.  Stay Graceful with its 10-tracks are not a bad batch of songs.  And while I am not the one to effectively review such a disc of music, I can say that I was attentive enough to appreciate what I heard.  And so, if Hip-Hop is your thing, then you might want to check out Taylor Smith’s latest album.

Release Date: N/A
Produced by: Taylor Smith
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Prophets of the Present / I'm a Suit / Young Again / Soldier Boy / Another Sad Song / No Shame / Purpoise / Don't Know and Don't / California / Stay Grateful.

Taylor Smith:

Taylor Smith - Vocals
Andy Anderson - Drums ("Prophets of the Present")
Alternative Soul - Guitar / Vocals ("Soldier Boy")
Change and Artoo (from Blak Watr) with Melissa Vexler - Add'l Vocals ("Another Sad Song")
Kurtis Shureman - Vocals ("No Shame") / Guitar ("California").

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