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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Mindy Smith
My Holiday

These Christmas songs from Mindy Smith have more than an air of melancholy to them.  They have a feel of mournfulness that seem anti-thesis to the themes of Christmas that we know.  But I’ve never been one to dismiss a Christmas song simply because it doesn’t fit a pattern or style.  That’s especially true of this set.  Yes, you’ll have to “settle” into these songs as their cheeriness are buried beneath, but Christmas is all things to all people and to some people, this set is the right feel.

I like to think of these songs as contemplative, if not sad for the loss that inevitably come at the end of these seasons.  Christmas seems to suspend the muck of the world for a lot of us.  It’s the hope of toys at ‘the day’ arrives as entertained by millions of kids worldwide; but it is also the thought of a new world – one of hope and change – that millions of us grasp onto and seek as the New Year unfolds.

The album begins with the original tune, “My Holiday,” which centers on an icon of Christmas – the Christmas tree – even as the song celebrates the wideness of the event.  It’s followed by a tender “The Christmas Song,” perhaps one of the more popular songs known to Christmas holiday fans.  “Santa Will Find You,” is an original Mindy Smith song that suggests that “…cause you’re there and you’re shining, bright like a beacon…Santa will find you…”, and is another song of hope.  The various songs found on My Holiday are vehicles for Country, Pop, and Jazz music.  I particularly like her version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” but I think that many will find a favorite or two here in this grab-bag of holiday songs.

The very appropriately named My Holiday is music for the late night thought, the alone time.  Christmas is still an effective holiday, and hopeful for many.  When you sit for these sessions, My Holiday, is a set of re-imagined classics and originals that cater to those private moments.  Mindy Smith is a part of the beating heart of the holidays and her My Holiday helps to accentuate that for the audience that view Christmas as more than a holiday of disposable toys but as one of memories and nostalgia, hope and love, where the tinge of sadness that underlie nostalgia also brings the sunrise of a grand new year.

Release Date: October 09, 2007
Produced by: Steve Buckingham & Mindy Smith
Format: CD

Track Listing:

My Holiday / The Christmas Song / Santa Will Find You / Follow the Shepherd Home / What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? / Away in a Manger / I Know the Reason / Silver Bells / I'll Be Home for Christmas / It Really is (A Wonderful Life) / Come Around.

Mindy Smith:

Mindy Smith - Vocals
Eddie Bayers - Drums
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Bryan Sutton - Acoustic Guitar
Kenny Vaughan - Electric Guitar
Lex Price - Mandolin / Mandola
Andrea Zonn - Violin / Viola
Steve Cox - Piano
Sam Levene - Clarinet
Eric Darken - Vibes
Alison Krauss - Harmony Vocals
Paul Franklin - Steel Guitar
Steve Buckingham - Tambourine / Percussion
Scott Baggett - Acoustic Guitar / Finger Cymbals
Dave Jacques - Bass
Will Kimbrough - Electric Guitar
Paul Griffith - Drums.

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