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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Simon & Garfunkel
Live 1969

The legacy of Simon & Garfunkel is a deep one, forever embodied within the mindset of the growing rock movement back in the ‘60s.  But despite their firm grasp within that period, they would soon splinter, leaving behind a brilliant collection of songs with strong replay value.  Their warmth and understanding wisdom cannot help but stir pleasant feelings with songs like “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” “Homeward Bound,” “Mrs Robinson,” “The Sounds of Silence,” and “The Boxer.”  Of course, those are but a few of the lasting classic songs left behind by the two troubadours that we could not ignore, even now.  

Columbia Records has assembled the best representative live songs from the final year of their partnership in a ‘best of’ compilation.  Drawn from six shows in 1969, the final year as a duo (Long Beach Arena (CA) – November 15; Carnegie Hall (NY) – November 27; Carbondale (IL) – November 8; St Louis (MO) – circa November; Toledo (OH) – November 1; Detroit (MI) – October 31), the songs accumulated here are the cream of their career.

The performances of Simon & Garfunkel songs here on this collection are fresh and unencumbered.  It is quite pleasurable listening to this entire collection of classics sung in live settings at various venues.  The nuance of each song is perfectly embedded in their performance.  I found myself caught up within each song as an experience that I know will not be reproduced.  The songs of Live 1969 are like stone walkways to the past.  With them, you get to hang out with two pals that you miss more than you realize.

“…I’ve come to watch your flowers growing…”

Release Date: March 25, 2008
Produced by: N/A
Format: CD

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