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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Young Modern

By the time a band has released five albums, they have a delicate history that will be used in an, oftentimes unfair, comparison.  Granted, a band has to have the undercurrent of what got them to their position in the first place. Lose that and most times, you can call it a day.  Silverchair, Australia’s great little band, is on their 5th studio with the release of Young Modern, and it is a damn fine album.  All of this shows that Silverchair has the goods to leave a warm legacy behind that fans will remember for many years, unlike the spill of toxic waste artists that splash across the world of music only to depart unrecognized and largely forgotten.

Young Modern, their newest album, is rich with melodies and inventive pop-rock that should have fans quite pleased and happy with what Silverchair hath wrought with this new album.  For those that have not checked out what Silverchair is capable of, prepare for a good set.

There’s a splendid mix of directions that Young Modern takes.  In one song, they are Coldplay-like with their own heavy twist in the middle (“Straight Lines”) and then they’re off on a ‘70s styled tangent (“If You Keep Losing Sleep.”)  They play with late-sixties Beatles on “Reflections of a sound,” including a Harrison-like weeping guitar on “Low,” and dreamy pop ballads (“Those Thieving Birds,” a multi-part track.)

If Young Modern is the progression of Silverchair after 4 previous albums, then Silverchair may well continue to build admirably upon their legacy as well as up the ante on #1 album placements in Australia.

Highly recommended!

Release Date: July 24, 2007
Produced by: Nick Launay / Silverchair
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Young Modern Station / Straight Lines / If You Keep Losing Sleep / Reflections of a sound / Those Thieving Birds (Pt 1) ~ Strange Behaviour ~ Those Thieving Birds (Pt 2) / The Man That Knew Too Much / Waiting All Day / Mind Reader / Low / Insomnia / All Across the World.


Daniel Johns - Vocals / Guitar
Ben Gillies - Drums
Chris Joannou - Bass.

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