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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Eric Sardinas
And Big Motor

Johnny Winter set the southern-blues world on its ass with his electrifying brand of blues on his slide guitar and ‘faster than light’ picking.  There is no mistaking a Winter song from the early period of his career before he went full-time into traditional Delta Blues music.  Eric Sardinas brings a comparison to that brand of fiery Southern-blues to his own music with his own guitars, slide and all.  On Sardinas’ fourth album, Eric Sardinas and Big Motor, he visits a few worlds with the same singed-air qualities that Mr Winter breathed in and exhaled with twice the heat.

On “It’s Nothin’ New,” Sardinas growls in this George Thorogood-like cut with the same intensity that Thorogood unleashed on his own classics.  Sardinas channels Winter in his live cut, “Just Like That.” And then even tackles Presley with a cover of “Burning Love,” paying respects to the famed Memphis resident.  Not a bad job.  It has a sliver of rogue electricity running along wires at its periphery.  “Wonderin’ Blues” starts with the real sounds of the blues before launching into a rock tune with plenty of slide.

This kind of fiery guitar playing highlighted the ‘70s American blues-rock foundations of many bands from that era.  It’s great to hear it in its beautifully raw state on Eric Sardinas and Big Motor.  For those that like a step back in time to the guitars of a wondrous period (‘70s), look no further because Eric Sardinas can play as few others can.  Eric Sardinas and Big Motor is a blues snake charmer.

Eric Sardinas and Big Motor is a whole lot of satisfaction.  Johnny Winter once sang “…if I can’t make ya happy, I’ll jump into the river and drown.”  Eric Sardinas plays that mantra like he means it.

Release Date (US): February 19, 2008
Canada - April 1, 2008; International Release - April 28

Produced by: Matt Gruber
Format: CD


Track Listing:

All I Need / Ride / Find My Heart / Gone to Memphis / It's Nothin' New / This Time / Just Like That / Burning Love / Wonderin' Blues / Door to Diamonds / As the Crow Flies.

Eric Sardinas:

Eric Sardinas - Vocals / Guitars (Slide)
Patrick Caccia - Drums / Percussion
Levell Price - Bass

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