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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Carina Round
Slow Motion Addict

Carina Round is a hell of a talent that is as comfortable in her present day environment as she would have been in the golden years of 70s and 80s rock.  As good as she is today, she would have been a monster draw back in the day.  But in today’s musical climate, she is more important, not only as a bridge to those great decades, but also as a talent that understands great music and how it should be handled.  With her fantastic vocal style, and the excellent music behind her, she delivers a fast-paced, stylish, and enduring album.  With a swagger as confident as Patti Smith (her idol), and looks that rival the beauty and sensuality of Kate Bush, Carina Round could be in this business for quite a long, long time.  She certainly has my attention.

With one of the more engaging female rock albums that you’re likely to enjoy this year, Slow Motion Addict is one of those works that can be played all the way through and then replayed, if only to figure out which songs you like better than others.  Listening to Slow Motion Addict, it is readily apparent that addictive is an appropriate word when referring to the 12 strong songs found on it.

Steeped in rock, filled with sexiness, and guaranteed to entertain better than anything that any big female star could put out today, Round’s near perfect Slow Motion Addict is great music.  England’s premier rock magazine, New Melody Express says, “…at her best, she fucks up the blues like no Midlander since Led Zep.”  You’ll hear that in the drenched classic quality of “Ready to Confess,” where she channels Led Zeppelin in an unexplained but satisfying way and gets away with it.  “Come to You,” the album’s chosen first single is a good choice.  I love the closer song, “The City.”  Slow Motion Addict is pure AOR (album-oriented rock) music with a few glittering singles tucked in to make a complete work.

Don’t let anyone sell you short on the immense talent of Carina Round. She’s mystical, she ‘s rockin’, and she’s a serious force with some serious rock ‘n’ roll music behind her to accent that magnificent voice.  Possessed of the elements that make stars, Slow Motion Addict is full of the stuff that attracts.

Release Date: June 05, 2007
Produced by: Glen Ballard
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Stolen Car / How Many Times / Gravity Lies / Ready to Confess / Want More / Take the Money / Down Slow / Come to You / Slow Motion Addict / January Heart / The Disconnection / The City.

Carina Round:

Carina Round - Vocals / Guitar / Piano / Electronic Beats
Tom Livemore - Fancy Guitar / Piano / Synth
Simon Smith - Bass / Synth Bass
John Large - Drums / Percussion / Celeste / Chihuahua

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