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09/15/2003 10:00p PT
Matt Rowe - Reviewer

The quintessence of hi resolution audio is now at it's greatest moment...for now. What I mean by that is just this. Abkco's release of one of the great rock songs in rock n roll history on DSD remastered SACD is a convincing step in the direction of the future of recorded music. And I don't mean that lightly.

"Sympathy For The Devil", the one defining song in the Rolling Stones great catalog , is now here in spectacular multi-channel (5.1), to provide the best argument for hi resolution. It is also the most supreme argument for releasing the Abkco Stones catalog yet once again, this time in Multi-Channel.

In the 5.1 mix, the original version is a completely immersive experience. The vocals utilize the center channel and are heard in the surrounds. The left and right channels feature the instruments with the surrounds placing you in the center of the stage. Keith's lead guitar lines are heard achieving resonance and depth that can only be imagined on CD. Likewise the bass lines as you hear them plucked and reverberate, hanging in the air. The congas take their best shape in the surrounds.

This set also contain 3 remix efforts in radio edits and full versions of "Sympathy For the Devil". Remixed by some of the best in the business, the song never becomes abused. Instead they retain the complete spirit of the song while providing new and interesting ways of hearing it.

The three remixes come from The Neptunes, FatBoy Slim, and Full Phatt. Of the three, Full Phatt's remix is the most aggressive. All of them, however, are very respectful of "SftD" yet creating a viable -and listenable - half brother. You will not have a problem listening to these.

If you have an SACD player, this release now becomes an essential for your library of Stones music. And if you have no tolerance for dance oriented remixes, ignore 'em. Believe me, the original song, expertly mastered by renowned sound engineer Bob Ludwig, is so stunning, it will leave you pining for more Rolling Stones Multi-Channel.

For the uninitiated, this "hybrid" disc contains two layers, the normal CD which allows you to transport the CD to any player, and a Super Audio layer that is playable only via an SACD player. Both are DSD (Direct Stream Digital) remastered and therefore capable of a full range of sound. This DSD remaster offers mixes in both Stereo and 6 Channel (5.1).

This set comes with a US$3.00 certificate redeemable for any of the current Rolling Stones Stereo SACDs.

If all this sounds as if I'm gushing,'s because I am. Let's face it, when was the last time you heard a definitive version of an all time classic. That's what I thought.

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212 Frech

Rolling Stones

Sympathy For The Devil Remix


Released:September 16, 2003
Origination Year: 1968
Time: 38:24
Tracks: 7
Produced by: Various
Style: Studio
Format: CD
Enhancement: DSD
Label: Abkco Records

The Rolling Stones:

Mick Jagger:
Lead Vocals

Charlie Watts:

Keith Richards:
Lead Guitar / Bass

Bill Wyman:

Brian Jones:
Background Vocals

Track List

  1. Sympathy For The Devil -
    The Neptunes *
  2. Sympathy For The Devil -
    The Neptunes **
  3. Sympathy For The Devil -
    Fatboy Slim *
  4. Sympathy For The Devil -
    Fatboy Slim **
  5. Sympathy For The Devil -
    Full Phatt *
  6. Sympathy For The Devil -
    Full Phatt **
  7. Sympathy For The Devil -

* Radio Edit Remix
** Full Length Remix