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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Robbers on High Street
Grand Animals

The last time that we spent some time with Robbers on High Street was when they released their excellent EP, The Fatalist and Friends (2006).  I said at that time that I was anxious to hear their full-length and that time is now here.  Released on July 24, 2007, Grand Animals contains the Police-like “The Fatalist,” last heard on that EP and it is still as good as I thought it back then.  “Married Young,” also found on Grand Animals, was on the 2006 EP as well.

The rest of the songs on this album were not heralded by the songs found on that mentioned EP.  The EP itself does not give you am impression of what to expect other than Robbers on High Street is a very good and very capable band with a few excellent songs.  What you will find on Grand Animals is a great set of tunes that will stick in your mind and have you playing the album more than a few times.  Songs like the Beatles-like “You Don’t Stand a Chance,” the slick “Guard at Your Heel,” and the excellent “Keys to the Century,” all of which bring Grand Animals to a magnificent close.  But don’t worry; the preceding songs do just as well.  There’s a lot here to remind you of those grand old days past. It’s so much fun that Robbers on High Street isn’t afraid of taking a chance and it pays off on Grand Animals.

Grand Animals is the kind of album that we would have enjoyed back in the late ‘70s / early ‘80s, making it a delicious kind of flashback.  But these young, attentive guys can craft a song well, spreading themselves around stylistically.  Askew from the normal pump of music coming out today, Robbers on High Street is a band well worth your time.

Release Date: July 24, 2007
Produced by: Daniele Luppi
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Across Your Knee / The Fatalist / Crown Victoria / The Ramp / Kick 'Em in the Shins / Nasty Numbers / Married Young / Your Phantom Walks the Hall / You Don't Stand a Chance / Guard at Your Heel / Keys to the Century.

Robbers on High Street:

Ben Trokan - Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
Steve Mercado - Guitar
Jeremy Phillips - Bass
Tomer Danan - Drums / Percussion

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