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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Robbers on High Street
The Fatality and Friends

Robbers on High Street embarrass me.


The eccentrically named band has been around for several years and yet I first hear them on a recently released 4-song EP called The Fatality and Friends, which is the subject of this review. This EP is throwing the palms down on the road as it precedes the upcoming Grand Animals, expected some time in early 2007. And why? Because if this EP is any indication, that album is gonna be very good.

RoHS are 4 guys that create a funky rock sound that brings to mind Clash, as well as the great sounds of latter ‘70s rock. This EP starts with what is easily the best song of the four in “The Fatalist,” a reggae-flavoured, Andy Summers/Police-like track with heavy bass riffs.

Going into the second song, still a Clash sound-alike, maybe more so than “The Fatalist,” “Married Young” still contains a measure of funk but adds a dash of twangy guitar to liven it up. The final song is a cover of McCartney/McCartney’s “Monkberry Moon Delight” from his Ram (1971) album (“Too Many People,” “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”). The song itself was not a strong tune for McCartney but here picks up a world of charm. It gets a workover that changes the original song into a bit of a workhorse, giving quality back to the listener. It chokes up a bit at the chorus but that isn’t the band’s fault, it’s just an unavoidable part of the song.

The Fatality and Friends is an EP of promise and one that has me anxious for the release of the upcoming album in 2007.

Release Date: November 14, 2006
Produced by: Daniele Luppi (1 & 2), Peter Hatis (3), & Don Piper (4)
Format: EP/CD


Track Listing:

The Fatality / Married Young / Major Minor / Monkberry Moon Delight.

Robbers on High Street:

Ben Trokan - Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards
Steve Mercado - Guitar
Tomer Danan - Drums / Percussion
Jeremy Phillips - Bass.

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