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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

The Republic Tigers
Keep Color

There’s something fiercely familiar about The Republic Tigers, whose new album is released on an imprint with Atlantic Records (Chop Shop).  But even as they might be familiar in sound to the past, their melodies are quite infectious, just as those past songs were, just updated.  The familiarity, for me in any case, is not so much who they’re influenced by but rather the structure of their songs.  In the ‘60s, there were bands like The Happenings and The Seekers, who vocal styles were TOP40 material.  The Republic Tigers likely would have enjoyed TOP40 placement back then, altered somewhat, of course.

But where does that leave this melodically interesting band with song after song of pop-perfection that entertains?  Perhaps on your list of music that should be checked out, particularly if you remember those songs of yesteryear.  With well-crafted tunes that hint of timelessness, pop-wise, Keep Color, is an album of precision and Greenwich Village (NYC) cool even as the band hails from Kansas City.  Go and figure that one out.  Nothing against KC but this is the unlikeliest of cool music to come from the heartland.

Keep Color is so good it plays like a ‘best of’ collection.  Song after song, the album rewards with sharp, smart, and well-schooled music. Do check them out.

Release Date: May 06, 2008
Produced by: The Republic Tigers
Format: CD

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