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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Project Creation
Dawn on Pyther

The continuing story of life that finds a foothold on a dead planet is told though the 10 songs of Project Creation’s second progressive work, Dawn on Pyther.  Following on the heels of the band’s first epic, Floating World (2005), the story centers around new life, and its new habitat. 

Hugo Flores is the driving force of both albums from the slyly named band, Project Creation.  A multi-instrumentalist himself, who plays guitars, bass, synthesizers, percussion, and sitar, he employs the art of 6 other musicians and vocalists to help him realize the musical complexities that make up Dawn on Pyther.  Together, the band borrows as heavily from Yes as is possible, but returns a project that is highly satisfying in its grand musical, lyrical, and hopeful scope.

No doubt, Flores is influenced by the science fiction of what could happen if the environment of our real-life Earth continues to take a turn for the worse.  Inspired by the concept of life finding a way is the bedrock of this album.  With the story told though the conceptual lyrics and the rich music – a skillful blend of rock and symphonic elements with choirs – of this Yes-like album, there is everything to like about it.

If heavily conceptual Yes (Close to the Edge; Relayer) is your thing, I recommend a spin of Dawn on Pyther.  Couple that listen with a visit with their debut album, The Floating World, and you’ll likely end up a life-long fan.

Release Date: November 20, 2007
Produced by: Hugo Flores
Format: CD

Track Listing:

The Dawn of Pyther / Flying Thoughts / I Am (the restless one) / Dragonfly Garden / The Voice of Cheops / Intermission / Sons of the Stars / Growing Feeling / Voyage of Dragonfly / The Dusk of Pyther.

Project Creation:

Hugo Flores - Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Synthesizers / Percussion / Sitar / 12-String Guitar
Tiago "Linx" - Vocals
Alda Reis - Vocals
Paulo Pacheco - Vocals
Paulo Chagas - Saxophones / Flutes
Davis Raborn - Acoustic Drums
Zara Quiroga - Vocals
Vasco Patricio - Guitar
Fred Lessing - Baroque Recorders / Ethnic Flutes / 12-String Guitar / Classical Guitar / Angklung / Percussion / Chimes / Bells
Shawn Gordon - Synth Solos.

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