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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Dan Pound

Imaginative and highly fertile ambient music from the minds of Steve Roach, vidna Obmana, Tangerine Dream, and Michael Hoenig, are memorable in that they address change and transitions encapsulated within the folds of emotions and personal philosophy.  That intensity is successfully reflected by the compositions of excellent sound masters in that they can create a world, populate it with a directed existence, and the music can do the work in the listener.  And there are all kinds of works, some happy, some dark, and some a curious mix of the two.

Dan Pound, a talent that we have reviewed in the past, is an independent composer who has composed over 20 titles.  Working within the same realms that the previously mentioned composers make their sound pulses, Dan Pound understands the importance of making clear contact with the spaces within ourselves in order to create effectively.  Everflow, one of his later works produced in 2006, is an album of 10 songs that follow no particular theme, instead working shaman-styled, American Indian music alongside dark introspective pieces and space music.  The longest ambient work, “Pulse,” is just shy of 8-minutes and is a deep-space explorative float.  “Bringing It Home” is a great 7-minute piece that is a rhythmic American Indian dream experience.

Everflow has many good song ideas contained within it.  I’m a fervent fan of extended pieces that allow for a long immersion, black space that lets you slip the airstream of this world and travel in your mind to places even if it is to walk amongst fear-inducing industrial menace, much like Obmana, and Alio Die create.  I’d place Pound in the same company as Steve Roach, who is more accustomed to producing spiritual shamanistic pieces, although Roach may be the most accomplished in every angle of ambient music.
However, most of the songs are in the 5-6 minute range, which can be a disruption to some. 

I haven’t heard any extended works from Dan Pound, whose music that I have heard are excellent embryonic pieces that could easily make that transition to larger universes.  Everflow is a travelogue that addresses points of interest, if only as a tour guide.  It shows easily enough that he can handle the ambient flow of most styles.  Dan, pick a theme and give me three movements over 70 minutes; I’d love to hear your creativity in full capacity.

To potential ambient listeners, I’d like to challenge and ask, how fertile is your imagination?

Release Date: 2006
Produced by: Dan Pound
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Taking Flight / Everflow / Internal Process / Hand in Hand / Map of the Heart / Walking on Stars / One Touch / Remembering the Dream / Pulse / Bringing It Home.

Dan Pound:

Dan Pound - All Instruments.

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