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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Coup d État

With the blitz of the popular Japanese-styled mini-LP sleeves that do as much to replicate the LPs of yesteryears, the reissue of lots of cult favourites are on the rise.  Since many of these are imports with a domestic re-release, it just makes sense to provide these reissues to their target audiences, primarily the über-fan and the completist collector.

In 1982, Capitol signed Wendy Williams and her Plasmatics.  What came of that union was the Coup d État album, recorded with Dieter Dierks, even though the demos were recorded with Dan Hartman.  Fans were pleased with the Dierks recording as Hartman might have altered the band’s sound with a different production direction.  Even so, this album is a different approach than their fiery debut. 

Regardless, this album has some very good songs on it including “Just Like on TV.”  The album begins with the sexually charged “Put Your Love in Me,” which has an anthemic quality to it that permeates the entire album as well, like Jett’s poppier “I Love Rock and Roll,” but with a grinded edge.  Wendy never held back a thing in her life; it makes no sense for her to hold back even as they began a musical change.  As a result, her firebrand vocals still highlight her musical output.

For late ‘70s / early ‘80s punk and metal fans, especially if you’re a Plasmatics fan, this domestically (US) available re-release is a pick.  The CD is stored in a cardboard jacket that is a likeness of the original LP jacket.  The CD itself placed into a replica of the original paper sleeve, here a heavier stock than the original but looks the same.

Although I love The Plasmatics’ New Hope for the Wretched (1980), many would disagree with me and choose Coup d État for that role in the Plasmatics small catalogue.  Wendy O Williams herself is an underrated vocalist and performer.  Both Coup d État and New Hope should easily prove that.

Release Date: February 05, 2008
Produced by: Dieter Dierks
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Put Your Love Inside Me / Stop / Rock N Roll / Lightning Breaks / No Class / Mistress of Taboo / Country Fairs / Path of Glory / Just Like on TV / Damned / Uniformed Guards.


Wendy O Williams - Vocals
Wes Beech - Guitars / Vocals
Richie Stotts - Guitars
TC Tolliver - Drums / Percussion
Chris Romanelli - Bass
/ Keyboards.

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