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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

The Reckoning

Striving to reinvent the thinking that all talent based in the USA emerges from Los Angeles and New York City, the Oklahoma-based band, Pillar, is on a mission.  Tucking in the fact that Slipknot originated from the corn-fed state of Iowa and that 311 shares the state of Nebraska with the Huskers from the University of Nebraska, this band is out to set the records straight, which is to say that NOT all great bands have large population centers to express themselves in and to work out of.

Popping the top on their 4th album release, The Reckoning, this 4-man band has the flavour of contemporary straight ahead rock, declared numetal by critics.  But pure and simple, these guys are Christian Rock, a genre that began in the ‘70s spearheaded by such great pioneers as The Resurrection Band, Petra, and Daniel Amos.

With sincere lyrics that adhere to their ideals and which promotes an alternative message of music that is refreshing by substituting good morals versus the same-sound bands that veer the opposite direction.

Pillar carries hard-core weight quite well (“The Reckoning”).  They can growl as good as any in their genre with the music holding its own against peers.  The album has 13 tracks of excellent hard rock/ metal music with forays into hardcore.  The musicians are accomplished.  “The Reckoning” is a good singles song although “EveryThing,” the first song on the album, is the first single.

They also offer a Special Edition version of The Reckoning with a bonus DVD that contains over 2 hours of footage that includes a live concert film from Cornerstone 2006, a Christian festival.  There is also a track-by-track commentary on all songs found on the album.  Finally, the DVD adds a film, “Playing With Pillar – A Musician’s Look Inside the Record.”

You can listen in on Pillar at their myspace page, www.myspace.com/pillar or visit them at www.pillarmusic.com.

Release Date: October 03, 2006
Produced by: Travis Wyrick & Pillar
Format: CD/DVD

Track Listing:

Everything / Awake / When Tomorrow Comes / The Reckoning / Tragedy / Last Goodbye / Angel In Disguise / Elysian / Crossfire / Resolution / Sometimes / Wherever The Wind Blows / Chaisng Shadows at Midnight.


Rob Beckley - Vocals
Noah Henson - Guitars
Lester Estelle - Drums
Kalel - Bass.

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