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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

The Pierces
Thirteen Tales of Love & Revenge

Leave it to NYC to produce quirky, but fascinating music.  That grand city has a rich, rich history of memorable musical children, sired from its incredible blend of culture and styles.  NYC’s latest product is entrancing right out of the box.  Comprised of two sisters (yeah, they’re hotties) who are stuffed to the necklines with more charm, wit, and observation than your average band, their new album called Thirteen Tales of Love & Revenge is catching right from the first song.  Meet Alison and Catherine Pierce, better known as the recording duo, The Pierces.

Right off, these girls, who ride all over the musical map, deliver 13 songs that will even remind of Prince (“Lights On” – listen and you know immediately; it’s even complete with panting and braggadocio lyrics, “…I only walk on water, I only walk on fire…”).  The opener track, “Secret” has a hint of ‘60s hippie singer, Melanie in the vocals.  Again, the lyrics are intriguing with “…two can keep a secret if one of us is dead…”  It is accompanied by accordion and calliope.  On their very good second song, “Boring” that incorporate Catherine’s vocal trumpet imitation (you’ll love this) and the ‘need more than this’ lyrics that include “…nothing thrills us anymore…” after chanting “…sexy boys, girl on girl, ménage a trios – boring; marijuana, cocaine, heroin – boring…”.

Thirteen Tales of Love & Revenge is an artsy pop disc that will have you replaying songs and picking favourites (mine’s “Boring”).  With bits of jazz (“Turn on Billie”), folk (“Ruin”), 60s-styled pop (“Three Wishes,” “It Was You,” “Boy in a Rock and Roll Band”),  and other elements, The Pierces have crafted a fun record – different, arty, and a world of arrangements. 

Head on over to their MySpace spot for a sampling.

Release Date: March 20, 2007
Produced by: Roger Greenawalt
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Secret / Boring / Sticks and Stones / Lights On / Lies / Turn On Billie / Ruin / Three Wishes / The Power Of... / Kill! Kill! Kill! / It Was You / Boy In a Rock and Roll Band / Go To Heaven.

The Pierces:

Catherine Pierce - Vocals / Whistling
Allison Pierce - Glockenspiel / Vocals
Lee Feldman - Accordion / Calliope
Roger Greenwalt - Guitars / Bass / Banjo / etc
Roi Starr - Drums
Matt Ramano - Drums
Oscar Rodriguez - Guitars
Miles Kennedy - Drums.

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