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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

As Lonely As
Dave Bowman

Inspired by a photograph by a young child and the integral core of the Space Odyssey series (Kubrick/Hyams), the concept of As Lonely As Dave Bowman was birthed.  In the film, the central character, Dave Bowman endured the deconstruction/reconstruction of life and philosophies, within his space travel.  Within the period of time that the story unfolds, dramatic and profound occurrences enveloped the man, changing him in the process.  POD takes that profundity and composes a soundtrack of many sides.  In short, As Lonely As Dave Bowman becomes a story of its own.

Ambient music is a miracle in many ways.  It isn’t subservient to a chord or central riff.  Instead, it is allowed to flow in many directions, creating vast empires of thought and imaginings.  The emergent style of ambient music called drone is a repetitious flow of sound that changes subtly, oftentimes in several directions at once.  Thus the power of drone music to change mood and create atmosphere is unmatched over the time span of the recording.  As such, fans of ambient music are immersed in music that allows one the ability to absorb and transform.

As Lonely As Dave Bowman is an album of soft, flowing musical ideas that move through time like a tether attached to a beginning.  Just as Dave Bowman moved through the many points of his journeys, so are you attached to and absorbed by a contemplative and steady stream of core drone music that simply traverses space without a focal point.  As Lonely As Dave Bowman is divided musically by 5 tracks, simply titled “One,” “Two,” “Three,” “Four,” and “Five.”  However, those five tracks connect quite well over the course of the 65-minute album, never completely breaking off to pursue another sound, instead following the core all the way through.

If you can imagine the immensity of the philosophical barrage that faced Dave Bowman over the course of the Space Odyssey films, as he was re-invented from his experiences, drowned in his loneliness, and swallowed by thoughts and spirituality that no man before him has experienced, then you get an idea of the immersive flow of As Lonely As Dave Bowman.

Ambient music is definitely not for everyone.  But if you have an affinity for ambient music, particularly drone, then POD’s As Lonely As Dave Bowman is a superior stream for your meditative side.  With the focused eye of a child (featured as the photographic cover of the album) transformed into the evocative and challenging music of an adult, art is as pure as it can get.

Note: There are three versions of this album, two of which are and will be available.  The first is the standard CD copy in digipak packaging. The remaining version is a 200-piece Limited Edition, numbered album encased in a large, DVD-sized digipak. The third is an "Ultra-Rare" version, now sold out. It is distinguished by a hard blue plexiglass slipcase protecting the DVD-sized digipak packaging. This collector's edition will not be repeated - and was only created in an edition of 50.

Release Date: February 20, 2007 - Limited Edition
June 26, 2007 - DigiPak CD
Produced by: Sam Rosenthal
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Pod One / POD Two / POD Three / POD Four / POD Five.


Sam Rosenthal - Electronics
Sasha - Photo / Inspiration

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