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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Freak of Chance

There’s some great music out there in the Robert Fripp school of music.  Formed by Linda Cushma, and completed by Kiko King (Cast, Ezoo), and noted guitarist, Claudio Cordero (Cast, Matraz – style reminds of Neal Schon), Oxygene8 is gaining attention by their experimental and provocative music, highlighted by the Chapman Stick that is used by bassist, Linda Cushma.

Their current album, the 5-track Freak of Chance, is a joy to listen to for those that love a free form playing style developed by a heavy concentration on instruments.  The album begins with “Close Your Eyes,” an enticing vocal tune that is under-girded by a mellow blend of instruments.  The song is also a statement piece that intones “…the world is not as broken as it seems…,” a concept that begs us to not give up on restoration.  The album closes with a large blend of guests on “Poetica Reprise,” a Talking Heads-like, Eno/Byrne-influenced (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts) tribal rhythm piece that is simply fantastic and far too short.  The three songs in between these cuts are quite good in various ways.

Freak of Chance is a mix of songs recorded with various guests that include Tony Levin (bass – King Crimson/Gabriel/solo), Tim Alexander (drums – Primus), both of whom appear on the album’s first song, the aforementioned “Close Your Eyes,” and who appear elsewhere in various songs.  Freak of Chance is an eclectic and refreshingly strong combination of music, the work of a band that we’re going to pay close attention to.

Release Date: N/A
Produced by: Steve Parrish
Format: CD

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