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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

October Project
Silent Night

One of the most widely known carols of the holiday season is easily “Silent Night.”  There are few who are not absorbed by its quiet power, its intense remembrance of a time that changed the world.

It has been sung the world over by a myriad of singers.  From professional musicians to church-goers to carolers, “Silent Night” is a song of respect and awe.  In the capable hands of October Project, now a three-piece band that include musician Emil Adler, lead vocalist Marina Belica, and an expanded vocal role for lyricist, Julie Flanders, “Silent Night” is as powerful a song as it can become.

There is no denying the ethereal beauty of both Marina Belica and Julie Flanders’ vocal rendering of this Christmas classic but it is the musical work of Emil Adler that makes it a special carol set apart.  After a short vocal only delivery of the song by the before mentioned vocalists, Emil Adler begins to sneak in his piano to build the song to a higher plane.  Although spare, Emil Adler works his piano and harmonium beautifully and emotionally, adding depth and a mysticism to the song beyond the vocal rendition.  In all of this, it becomes an October Project song.

Unfortunately, this song is, at present, not available.  I hate flaunting something in front of October Project fans that they might not be able to acquire, although that may change in time but I also feel that a band such as October Project should never fade from consciousness.  It is their blend of the ethereal and music that makes them a uniqueness not often known and enjoyed.

However, you can acquire Julie Flanders’ lovely lyrical adaptation of “Angels We Have Heard on High” in October Project’s “Angels We have Heard…,” a CD single purchasable at www.octoberproject.net.  But keep your ears open for October Project’s “Silent Night.”  It’s not your average play of the carol but then it wouldn’t be October Project, would it?

Release Date: 2003
Produced by: Emil Adler
Format: EP/CD

Track Listing:

Silent Night

October Project:

Marina Belica - Vocals
Julie Flanders - Vocals
Emil Adler - Keyboards / Harmonium.

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