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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

October Project
Angels We Have Heard...

I’m wondering who remembers the enchanting music of October Project? Fronted by the uniquely expansive voice of Mary Fahl, before their label shed them, this band explored an exotic blend of pop and old world melodies. After the departure of Mary Fahl, the band continued with a modified vocal concentration using Marina Belica with lyricist Julie Flanders in an expanded role as vocalist.

October Project offers a single song rework on CD by mail order of the traditional French carol, “Angels We Have Heard on High.” The lyrically amended song is somewhat re-titled as “Angels We Have Heard…” with additional lyrics by Julie Flanders. The CD is priced at $3.00, becoming a little pricey after postage is tacked on but the song is definitely worth the cost. However, in this day and age, with downloads quite prevalent, it surprises me that they do not offer an immediate download delivery process for this song as well as a currently unavailable limited-edition pressing of their rendition of “Silent Night” (unheard by us at this point).

“Angels We Have Heard…” is an ethereal song with keyboard accompaniment (Emil Adler) that is quite beautifully rendered. Marina Belica’s voice gives more than an excellent performance of the song, eventually begging the question, “why not an entire album of classic traditionals that we can enjoy”. We’d buy it. Check in at www.octoberproject.net for the scoop on how to get your copy of “Angels We Have Heard…”

Release Date: 2004
Produced by: Emil Adler
Format: EP/CD

Track Listing:

Angels We Have Heard....

October Project:

Marina Belica - Vocals
Julie Flanders - Vocals
Emil Adler - Keyboards.

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