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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Stage Fright

Who loves rock 'n' roll to the core? Anyone who favours Motörhead's brand of fiery metal, the kind that features heavy drum solos, driving bass rhythms, and smoking guitar, then the new DVD from the band is your drug of choice

Fronted by bassist Lemmy Kilmister, whose career was begun with the progressive band, Hawkwind but was eventually fired from the band. In the formative years of the '70s, with rock still in its infancy, more or less, Lemmy formed Motörhead with two other musicians, eventually running a revolving door of bandmates that included Philthy Animal (Phil Taylor). Latest guitarist, Phillip Campbell came on board in 1984 with current drummer, Mikkey D in the lineup since 1992.

After a mega-batch of albums, there certainly is no lack of Motörhead material to fill up a concert with. With the filmed concert from Dusseldorf, live at the Philipshalle, recorded on December 7, 2004, the dual DVD package from SPV/Steamhammer is filled to the outer perimeters of its discs with a huge collection of songs, bonus material, a "making of ...", and other filmed goodies along with a stellar and brilliantly clean digital anamorphic 16:9 transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 sound. Include a 16-page booklet with a ton of photos and credits, house it in a top-scale super jewel case and the entire package is classic in every way. The two DVDs are double-stacked in the casing.

Disc one begins with a simple and intuitive menu that allows for sub-titling (in the special films), easy selection of sound choice, and song selections. The trio is fascinatingly filmed with plenty of audience shots and great rotating film tricks. The editing is as fast-paced as the music and makes for a great musical experience, Motörhead-style. Running through 20 songs, the show is concluded with the sound of a tape running down. The concert itself runs approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes. The first disc also adds a commentary that slips in and out of the show with the band sitting and critiqueing themselves. Personally, I would have liked a fuller discussion without the "cut to" filmed commentary. It's too disruptive and you can tell the guys are uncomfortable in such a light. Better to have had the commentary over the music track when a comment was brought up.

The second disc is packed with an assortment of films that include We Are The Road Crew, a chaptered look at the various points of activity that brings the crew together to make a show work. there is a "making of" called Making of Live Show that goes through the camera and sound work that make up the brilliance of this DVD set. The most interesting of the films found on disc two is the short called Fans. Fans run though a multi-tiered look at the fanbase of Motörhead. They are exhuberant, doting, and constantly revealing their Motörhead related tattoos. Dedication in the extreme. The beautiful thing noticed here is that as much as the fans love Lemmy and his music, he loves them back.

Other films on disc two include L.A. Special (isn't that Philthy in there?), Testimonials, a slideshow, and The Backstage Rider ( a look at the backstage requirements as determined by the band, mostly foods, lots of alcohol, several packs of Marlboro Red (soft pack preferred), and a large selection of other items that is fun to watch as it scrolls by. Rock stars...

Slip the DVD into your PC and you're also treated with a Hi-Def track, "Overkill," as well as PC wallpaper, cell phone goodies (ringtone - "Life's a Bitch"), a cellphone wallpaper, a discography, and PC viewable films, LA Show, and Slideshow.

Motörhead has survived many, many years and still delivers crunching rock 'n' roll to fans via live shows and excellent recordings. With Lemmy at the helm, their longevity is imminent as well as the quality of their rock and roll output. If you love Motörhead, then Stage Fright is essential. For rock fans who have a bent towards the brand of metal that Lemmy and the boys play, here is a beauty of a DVD set as beautifully rendered as it is crafted. It outshines many DVD releases for other bands, not only in its technical presentation, but also by the devotion that it reveals to the core elements of Rock.

Release Date: January 10, 2006
Produced by: Ulrike Rudolph
Directed by: Sven Offen
Format: DVD

Chapters (Disc One):

Dr Rock / Stay Clean / Shoot You In The Back / Love Me Like A Reptile / Killers / Metropolis / Over The Top / No Class / I Got Mine / In The Name of Tragedy / Dancing On Your Grave / R.A.M.O.N.E.S. / Sacrifice / Just 'Cos You Got The Power / Going To Brazil / Killed By Death / Iron Fist / Whorehouse Blues / Ace of Spades / Overkill / Credits / Commentary.

Chapters (Disc Two):

L.A. Special / Fans / Making of 'Live Show' / Testimonials / We Are The Road Crew / Slide Show / The Backstage Rider / DVD - Rom PC/Cellphone Goodies.


Mikkey Dee - Drums / Guitar
Phillip Campbell - Vocals / Guitar
Lemmy Kilmister - Bass / Vocals.

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