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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe


Drone ambient is, unfortunately, appealing only to a very small sliver of people.  The basic element of drone compositions is a swelling and ebbing core of music that is wrapped by filaments of other, smaller sounds.  This produces several elemental ideas that replicate the outer darkness of space or an internal loneliness.  Whatever metaphor you choose, drone music can effectively provide a center to be built around.

On Rotations, the ambient drone album from Silber’s UK-based artist, mwvm, better known as Michael Walton, there are 10 tracks of lengthy (a good thing) pieces of guitar manipulations and repetitions produced in an isolationist environment.  In so doing, the eeriness and desolation of being alone reveals itself through the music.  This can be a powerful thing if drunk in moments of self-introspection.

All of Rotations is intriguing if you pursue music in many forms, drone ambient being one of them.  There are few artists producing this type of melody and harmonics, much as there were few artists dabbling in electronic manipulations back in the late ‘70s.  But those that perfected the genre ruled it.

Michael Walton’s mwvm is one of those pioneers, along with POD and Fear Falls Burning (vidna obmana side project), that can evolve with the music they produce in all of its industrialized, internalized, and spacey madness.  Recommended for the adventurous.

Release Date: September 25, 2007
Produced by: Michael Walton
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Context. Where? / Fireside / It's Easy to be Miserable / Negative Pole / Celestial Motion / Rotations / Oratory Clout / Sleepy Crayfish / Windows / Never Constant.


Michael Walton - Guitars / Pedals

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