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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Tor Lundvall
Empty City

Tor Lundvall’s ambient work seems to centre on the quiet moments of the night, which engenders an eeriness populated with molecules of dread.  There are few layers in Lundvall’s creations but that makes them no less a presented force than say works by Roach or obmana, both who create a multiplicity of threats and sounds in very dark worlds.

Using singularity of tones in each of the compositions on Empty City, one gets a feeling of malevolence within the air, an underlying evil that is never seen but is heavily felt.  If you have walked a darkened corridor, you have felt exactly what I’m referring to. Tor Lundvall is very effective in his ability to capture the winding down of a day and the encroachment of a dark night.  While many sleep away those hours of the night, there are some that do not.  As the hours tick away (“Early Hours”), every frightening aspect of the night is magnified and each subsequent track brings a deepening dread that hangs like a sheet of ice.

As you move from track to track within Empty City, and you’re cognizant of the progression of the music as laid out by the sequencing of titles, you become acutely aware of the ending of a day, the minor changing of the guards (a night crew coming in for the wee hours, a manufacturing ‘round the clock routine that is almost a thing of the past, yet which fills your heart with an intense forboding), and the menacing sounds of the night as it passes an apex of “2:00 AM,” a core of loneliness.

This industrialized fog of fear and desolation is sonically effectual, full of the oily mechanisms of a city that simply cannot sleep but is void of any sympathy for those that must join it.

Tor Lundvall is an emerging ambient talent that should be noticed for his intriguing, and minimally layered paths into the droning depths.  I’m a huge fan.

For a dark treatment of the evening before Christmas, hear his brilliant Yule.  Additionally, Tor Lundvall is a visual artist as well, painting his visions of emptiness in stark similarity to his aural treatments.

Release Date: 2006
Produced by: Tor Lundvall
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Scrap Yard / Platform #3 / Running Late / Night Work / Early Hours / Grey Water / Buildings and Rain / Wires / Empty City / Open Window / 2 A.M. / Clearing Sky.

Tor Lundvall:

Tor Lundvall - All.

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