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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Long Way From Home

The evolution of Lovespirals into the band that they are today has been a long road.  From the band’s early years as Love Spirals Downward with a vocalist all but forgotten for Anji Bee’s lovely, dreamy, and expansive vocal pleasantries, to their current album, Lovespirals have always been a band of change.  Their latest, the wonderfully titled Long Way From Home, is one of superior work and can easily rank as the band’s best work in either incarnation.

Still a part of the Dream-Pop sound that formed them, the Anji Bee years of Lovespirals has been an essential element for the band.  With her ability to wrap around Ryan Lum’s musical explorations, Lovespirals is not afraid of trying on new clothes, framing them in gorgeous soft tones of various flavours.  The album begins with a ‘career-best’ blues song that accentuates the album’s direction.  “Caught in the Groove” is a beautifully produced, dream-blues (if I may coin the phrase) song.  Using a song as a metaphor for the deterioration of a relationship, this captivating tune is made all the more extraordinary by Lum’s blues guitar.

That same bluesy guitar shows up in “Once in a Blue Moon, and “Nocturnal Daze.”  Ryan Lum’s guitar leads have a distinct ‘70s feel throughout the album.  Some songs recall the past musical history of the band.  “Sundrenched” lends itself to the stream of that past.  The album closes with the excellent musically and lyrically sex-soaked “Lazy Love Days.” 

The needle may be “caught in the groove” but, for me, that’s a good thing where this album is concerned.

Release Date: October 23, 2007
Produced by: Lovespirals
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Caught in the Groove / Empty Universe / Treading the Water / Once in a Blue Moon / This Truth / Motherless Child / Sundrenched / Nocturnal Daze / Lovelight / Lazy Love Days.


Anji Bee - Vocals
Ryan Lum - Guitars / Piano / Harmonica.

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