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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

The Lost Patrol
Launch and Landing

What makes The Lost Patrol a fun band to listen to is their explorative approach to music.  Easily slotted into the dream-pop category, their ability to channel Cocteau Twins in one song and utilize a Peter Gunn-like guitar in another is highlighted by the “heavenly” vocals of Danielle Kimak Stauss.  Streamed together, The Lost Patrol creates some very nice music to enjoy.

The Lost Patrol combines an overall mix of the surreal and gothic-tinged dream-pop not unlike some of the softer Cocteau Twins material, draping them in plenty of echo to enhance their style of music.  Fans of ethereal shoegazer music will find The Lost Patrol much to their liking, as should Cocteau Twins fans.  BUT, I’m sure that most music fans will particularly enjoy the unclassifiable and effective “AWOL,” even if you’re not a fan of dream-pop.

There is a bonus track not listed on the back of the CD.  To get to it, you only have to switch to track 14 on the player.  Otherwise, after a minute of silence, you’ll automatically get playback of the bonus cut, so hang in there.

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Release Date: June 26, 2007
Produced by: Stephen Masucci
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Sirens / Only Love / AWOL / Take Me Away / The Whim and The Will / Orbit / The Night and You / Godspeed / Speak to Me / Venus Burlesque / Rogue Heart / Tears of the Sun.


The Lost Patrol:

Danielle Kimak Stauss - Vocals
Stephen Masucci
Michael Williams

Seth Clifford.

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