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Reviewed by - George Bennett

Los Lonely Boys
Texican Style - Live from Austin
We MusicTAPpers have long fawned over Los Lonely Boys and their excellent eponymous CD release since long before Sony/Epic picked up the disc for wide release.  Well, with Los Lonely Boys' huge (and well-deserved) success, Epic has now released a superb, inexpensive DVD-Video of the boys live in concert in Austin , Texas (March 20, 2004 - five days after our early CD review posted - see MusicTAP Archives under "L").  At 96 minutes, most of the CD's songs are covered here, along with Extras including some very nice video of family, friends, old school teachers, and the like, as the Garza brothers visit their homes and the old neighborhood where they were raised.  There's also some behind-the-tour footage;  all of this is meant to underscore how important home and family are to the band.  These guys are really nice, down-to-earth folk.  It's great when good things happen to good people!  (And this footage proves these guys are good people, and that they were born to be on the stage!  Just as comfortable and natural as water off a duck's back.  Damn they're good!)

The real draw here is the amazing talent of the Garza brothers, Henry (guitar), Jojo (bass) and Ringo (drums), live on stage!  As we see, not only are they great musicians, but their live stage show is jaw-dropping!  I've seen many a great band live in my time, but these guys have found new ways to raise the live bar even higher.  Watch in amazemant as Jojo comes up behind Henry, reaches around him and plays bass lines on Henry's Fender Strat's low strings whilst Henry rips off a great lead...on the same guitar at the same time!  As Jojo lays his six-string bass on the stage, props a "pillow" under the nut, and runs hammer-ons and pull-offs with both hands on the fretboard, ala Stanley Jordan!  As Henry and Jojo slide-foot it across the stage and double each other in unison on guitar and bass!  As they both play left-handed only while holding their instruments high out in front of them and continue to play for awhile...one-handed!  It's a freakin' religious experience!  As Jojo ends the encore by falling on his back whilst simultaneously heaving his bass backwards some 20 feet over his head into a roadie's waiting hands, then does one of those one forward flip and back up on his feet acrobatic stunts!  Absolutely AWESOME!!  (And, I might add, not a one of them misses a note or a beat throughout the show!)

This is not only an excellently performed musical and vocal set, but the theatrics are all new and absolutely breath-taking.  You just gotta see and hear this to believe how good it is!  Whether in DD 5.1 (excellent in-the-audience acoustics) or PCM stereo, the audio is superb. You will immediately want to share the experience with anyone and everyone you know.  If you already like LLB, you gotta get this DVD!  If you don't, get this anyway - you will be amazed!

And I thought I'd seen it all...

Release Date: September 14, 2004
Tracks: 14 - Time: 100:00
Produced by: N/A
Format: DVD
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 / PCM Stereo
Extras: Behind the Scenes / Photo Gallery / Featurettes (4)

Track Listing:

Introduction of Los Lonely Boys / Crazy Dream / Dime Mi Amour / Nobody Else / Velvet Sky / Man to Beat / Onda / Supper Time / Hollywood / Real Emotions / Senorita / Heaven / End of a New Beginning / Credits.

Los Lonely Boys:

Henry Garza - Vocals / Guitar
JoJo Garza - Bass / Vocals
Ringo Garza - Drums

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