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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

The Lizards
Against All Odds

Cut from the same cloth as ‘70s arena rock bands, The Lizards’ new album (their 5th), Against All Odds, is filled with classic rock styled songs that will slip you through a time warp. 

The truth.

There are many bands that take on the mantle of the ‘70s music, some with good effects, most to average effect.  The very good ones do so but maintain a new millennium feel.  And here’s where The Lizards separate themselves from the rest.  Upon first listen, you’ll get an uncanny feeling that this is an album FROM the mid- ‘70s.  Not only do these guys get the ambience right, they get it ALL right.

There are 12 tracks on this album, all in the classic rock vein.  The musicians are top-notch, with extensive rock pedigree behind them, mastering their respective instruments.  I really love the keyboard work from vocalist Mike Di Meo (Riot); it’s so nice to hear the Hammond in songs.  Drummer Bobby Rondinelli has enjoyed stints with late edition Blue Oyster Cult, Rainbow (w/ Joe Lynn Turner), and Black Sabbath (replacing Vinnie Appice.)  The six-string bass of Randy Pratt rounds out the band along with the heated guitars of Patrick Klein, who knows every classic rock turn there is to know.

There are plenty of extended songs on this album including the 9-minutes of “Can’t Fool Myself” that syncs with the ‘70s’ style of deeper album cuts with plenty of jam power.  They fill “Planck Time,” an instrumental track, with some excellent harmonica work balanced by some classic rock guitar lines.  There is a six-minute Journey-like piano composition ballad, “Take the Fall,” that explodes into a Neal Schon-like lead guitar break.  There’s even an almost 9-minute funk-rock blast with their “Revelation No 9.”

The Lizards could easily be a band like Jefferson Starship, AC/DC, and others that hail from the genuine era.  They might have done quite well for themselves if formed at that time.  Regardless, they hold the mantle at this time, reminding us just how good that era was.

Release Date: October 31, 2006
Produced by: Patrick Klein & Randy Pratt
Format: CD

Track Listing:

I'm No Good / Can't Fool Myself / On a Wire / Planck Time / Ariel / My Dark Angel / Bad Luck Is Come To Town / Revelation No 9 / Take The Fall / Up The Stairs / Eleven / The Arrival of Lyla.

The Lizards:

Mike DiMeo - Vocals / Keyboards
Randy Pratt - Bass / Harmonica
Patrick Klein - Guitars
Bobby Rondinelli - Drums

with Glenn Hughes - Vocals .

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