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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Annie Lennox
Songs of Mass Destruction

As I spin the latest solo album from the sweet-voiced half of the revered duo of The Eurythmics, I have a tendency to scout for those Eurythmics-like songs, of which this album provides several.  They don’t paint the whole Eurythmics picture as she is using different colours to create with but it is good occasion to see what Annie Lennox has come up with.  On her latest, the tongue-in-cheek titled Songs of Mass Destruction, she provides a bit of the musical smorgasbord with ballads and up-tempo tunes.

Annie Lennox is at her strongest when she is using her voice to its fullest, as she does on some songs on this album.  She also has things to say.  With songs like the HIV-aware “Sing,” that uses a choir of notables like Bonnie Raitt, Beth Orton, Joss Stone, Fergie, Gladys Knight, Pink, Etheridge, Shakira, Tunstall, and others, Lennox brings awareness to a program that seeks to educate on the need for mother-child prevention of the transmission of the HIV virus in South Africa.

There are several songs that bring to mind her tenure with her band of renown, the Eurythmics.  “Love is Blind,” a perky blues song that rocks the album wonderfully, and “Ghosts in my Machine.”  Along with musically inspired songs like “Big Sky,” and “Womankind,” Lennox’s latest will please fans.  While not a strong album, Songs of Mass Destruction, does provide a nice jolt of the singer that we all hope the best from.  A good effort from a world-class singer.

Release Date: October 02, 2007
Produced by: Glen Ballard
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Dark Road / Love is Blind / Smithereens / Ghosts in my Machine / Womankind / Through The Glass Darkly / Lost / Coloured Bedspread / Sing / Big Sky / Fingernail Moon.

Annie Lennox:

Annie Lennox - Vocals / Piano / Keyboards
Glen Ballard - Keyboards
Sean Hurley - Bass
Randy Kerber - Piano / Keyboards
Blair Sinta - Drums
Zac Rae - Keyboards.

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