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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Phillip Lambro
The Film Music of Lambro

Fans of film music realize the extraordinary burden that is placed on a composer to expertly provide atmosphere to a film’s story.  A brilliant score can cause a film to rise above its own greatness, achieving a mystical element that is as memorable as the film itself.  There are many like these.  Who can separate John Williams’ scores from his work with Jaws or Star Wars?  Ennio Morricone’s myriad of film scores are as successful as the films they represent.  One listen to the extraordinary score of the Academy Award winning Cinema Paradiso is all that you need to prove this.  Even Jack Nietzsche’s score of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest is unforgettable as is Bill Conti’s triumphant Rocky theme.  These just name a few of the more prominent composers.  The film world is scattered with many more unsung or lesser-known composers that needed an extraordinary film to bring prominence to their name.

The Film Music of Phillip Lambro is a collection of film score pieces from several select films that include Git!, a noted film in the school of awful, as in Plan Nine from Outer Space awful.  However, Lambro’s musical work on this film was expressive and impressive enough to withstand the glare of the film’s dismissal.  Closing in on various instruments’ capabilities to add expression to a filmed element, Lambro, whose methods of music represent an earlier period of film music (‘60s, ‘70s) created isolated pieces that zeroed in on moments of time.  The fact that he did so quite well is why a label has assembled some of his musical scores into a package for not only fans of Lambro but also for students of the art of the score, and appreciative audiences who distinctly understand a work and how can become a beating heart of a film.

The music of the represented films is dated in most places as they come from a period of time that influenced these types of full-bodied and dramatic sounds.  There is music from four films that include the previously mentioned Git!, which was a dog tale.  The other scores include music for Mineral King; Father Pat; and Celebration.  All composed pieces here are attentively specific to the each film’s subject matter and element.  Phillip Lambro did fine work, and this four-film, single disc retrospective will provide film score students and aficionados a dedicated glimpse into the mindset of Lambro’s productions.

Release Date: March 18, 2008
Produced by: Phillip Lambro and Robin Esterhammer
Format: CD

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