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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

The Kindness Kind
A Novel

When 2007 ended, I had to go sift through my remaining reviewable CDs to see who made the cut into an already busy schedule for 2008.  That meant that some CDs would get re-listened to simply because they have that something that remains past their initial spin.  Seattle’s The Kindness Kind album, The Novel, is one of those.  The Kindness Kind is fronted by a good female voice owned by Alessandra Rose, who, at times, possesses a sound-alike version of Julian Casablancas’ (The Strokes) vocals.

The Kindness Kind creates an engaging brand of pop-rock that is too good to ignore, especially given the fact that this is their debut album.  It already shows more accomplishment than many bands have the talent to produce in their first effort.  There is cohesiveness and meld already apparent that should keep the band together for more than a few albums, and should keep the label interested enough to give them a chance to grow.

After the very short intro of “August Eighth,” the album launches into a Strokes-like “Climb in the Sun.”  As the album progresses through the Cure-like “The Rain Came Late,” and other well-crafted songs, all made stronger by the entrancing vocals of Alessandro Rose, you’ll find that waiting for their next album will be a bit of a challenge.

Release Date: November 02, 2007
Produced by: Lucas Carlyle & The Kindness Kind
Format: CD

Track Listing:

August Eighth / Climb in the Sun / The Rain Came Late / Quiet Words are Quiet Words / Perfect / Tokyo Nights / Timeless / Street Song / Roadmaps & Guidebooks / Midnight Flights / I Pilot / The Waiting Room.

The Kindness Kind:

Alessandro Rose - Vocals
Nicholas Danielson - Keyboards / Programming
Charles Larson - Guitar / Vibes
Brian Todd - Bass
Kevin Bray - Drum Kit


Chris Danielson - Violins (Tokyo Nights)
nikku B - Whistling / Drums (Timeless)

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