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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Jessy J
Tequila Moon

Smooth Jazz saxophonist, Jessy J (Jessica Spinella), creates an album that not only provides the expected, but also curves Smooth Jazz into interpretive work with renditions of pop favorites like “Poetry Man” (Phoebe Snow), and “Song for You” (Leon Russell).  Both work well within the framework of her style.  On her version of “Song for You,” there is an added element of R&B guitar to create a transitive sound.

Jessy J comes from work with jazz guitarist, Paul Brown and his band, and has his help as player, producer, and co-writer of some of the songs on the album.  Most of the songs are instrumentals; however, Jessy J has a skillful voice, as is evidenced by a grand performance on “Mas Que Nada,” where she blends pop with Latin and a tribal chant-like chorus, overall remaining true to the Sergio Mendes style, but with a nod of the head to Jobim.  Her supporting song, the album’s instrumental title track of “Tequila Moon,” is the first radio single.

There’s plenty to like on Tequila Moon, the latest Smooth Jazz album by the talented, and stunningly beautiful Jessy J, with its forays into blended styles (Latin, R&B, improv-jazz).  She proves that she can hang with the best of them.

Release Date: March 04, 2008
Produced by: Paul Brown
Format: CD

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