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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Our Love to Admire

Interpol has carved out an enviable reputation for having created a classic debut with Turn on the Bright Lights, and a good 2nd album with Antics.  On this, their third, they do not disappoint again.  And let’s face it, these boys from NYC, as many of them do, just have the knack to do their music right, if not every song, then enough to float the record.  The formula?  Never stray too far from the sound that got you here in the first place but evolve that sound.  Interpol pulls it off with sufficient grace even if it feels as if they are stepping a little too much out into the sunlight.  And so we have a new Interpol work that sits well with their previous two albums.

The album begins with the excellent “Pioneer to the Falls,” a song that maintains the spirit of the band in every respect.  After that, it is largely a hit/miss affair with more hits than misses. The single, “The Heinrich Manuever,” isn’t as good a choice for the single as the first song would have been but it isn’t a bad song either.  Overall, Our Love to Admire carries the band well enough to keep us pleased.  “All Fired Up” is the only song that sounds filler.

Is it as good as Turn on the Bright Lights?  No, that’s a hard road to repeat.  But does it maintain the Interpol magic, the stuff that you would expect from the band?  Yes, it does.  And with gems like “Pioneer to the Falls,” “Pace Is the Trick,” and the interestingly airy “Wrecking Ball,” you won’t feel a major disappointment.

Release Date: July 10, 2007
Produced by: N/A
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Pioneer to the Falls / No I in Threesome / The Scale / The Heinrich Maneuver / Mammoth / Pace is the Trick / All Fired Up / Rest My Chemistry / Who Do You Think / Wrecking Ball / The Lighthouse.



Carlos D - Bass
Paul Banks - Lead Vocals / Guitar
Daniel Kessler - Guitar / Vocals
Samuel Fogarino - Drums

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