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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Lili Haydn
Place Between Places

You know when you get Jimmy Page interested in your work that you might have something, especially when you accompany Page/Plant on “Kashmir” in front of an audience.  Using her talent as a skilled violinist, she blends in a classic Rock sound to create a fusion of the two, familiar yet refreshingly so in this time of Top 40 Punk/Pop dominance.  With a pleasing voice, Lili Hayden delivers her 4th album, Place Between Places, to music-starved serious music fans.  Having held places as violin accompanist for popular names, as well as her own solo and personal accomplishments with the instrument, including a stint in the LA Philharmonic at a young age, Lili Haydn has done things that many of us only dream about.

Place Between Places creates an atmosphere that is at once a pleasure to be immersed in.  There is a wealth of songs, 13 in all, that moves between styles, some gypsy-like, some Rock-manic, and some orchestral, but all with distinct Pop elements, exotic at times.  Early in the album, Haydn provides a solid start with the delightful “Strawberry Street,” working into “Can’t Give Everything,” which begins as an orchestral solo piece but evolves into a frenzied gypsy violin inside of a ballad.  Soon you run into the Led Zeppelin-like “Maggot Brain” to close the album even as the path to it is lined with the softer side of Haydn in “The Last Serenade,” and “Powers of Five.”

One thing is for certain, Lili Haydn’s accomplished violin, combined with her vocal style, make for a wonderful, Kate Bush-like experience.  Every song is a different surprise in a box full of violin joy and surprises.  Haydn is at her best when she concentrates on the music only tracks, which does not dismiss her vocal tracks.  Rather the mix of them compliments each preceding or arriving track, making Place Between Places a spectacular experience.

Lili Haydn is a musically abstract artist that is a recombinant of orchestral beauty and Rock’s eternally shifting capability, united by a skill to mesmerize by the variants of her violin playing.  She is a grand musician that you are not likely to forget soon.

Release Date: April 01, 2008
Produced by: Thom Russo and Lili Haydn
Format: CD

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