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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Grand Ole Party

Grand Ole Party is a rock trio born in the salt airs of San Diego.  The first thing that will grab your attention is Kristin Gundred’s powerfully genuine rock ‘n’ roll voice (think a female Geddy Lee with the spirit of a Janis Joplin and lessons from Robert Plant.)  There are few like it.  Doubling on drums, she belts out her story-like lyrics, accompanied by appealing rock n roll provided by the other two components of the band, John Paul Labno (guitar), and Michael Krechnyak (bass).  Put ‘em together and you have some mighty fine rock n roll coming at you.

There’s a lot of sexuality wound up in those songs but with the delivery done by Kristin, they take on a sense of raw, bluesy power.  There is no alterna-punk in this music either, a welcome break from the norm of today’s music.  Instead, a core of old-style rock under girds this album of 13 tracks.  All of the songs do the trick so there are no fillers on Humanimals. 

Grand Ole Party is San Diego’s best-kept secret, certainly one you should investigate.  Why should that beach city have all the fun?!  Highly recommended!

Release Date: September 04, 2007 - iTunes
Produced by: Blake Sennett

Format: CD

Track Listing:

Look Out Young Son / Belle Isle / Turn On, Burn On / INSANE / Nasty Habits / Bad, Bad Man / Redrum Heart / Dirty Spirit Rag / Gypsy March / Troubador of the Water / Savior / Roll on Down / Radio! (Scientist Remix).

Grand Ole Party:

Kristin Gundred - Vocals / Drums
John Paul Labno - Guitar
Michael Krechnyak - Bass.

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