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Reviewed by - John Dunphy

The Shadow Line

This one left me a little cold. Nothing on what I think is their sixth album (their biography seems kind of confused, saying their first album came out in 1994 and 2001. Oh well) comes off as bad, nor does it come off as trying to ape the sound of another established act. Problem is, nothing really grips me, either.

Godhead’s brand of slightly aggressive, but decidedly safe hard rock has its moments. Jason Miller has a pretty distinct voice, laying out decent melodies on “Hey You,” “Once Before” and the high school heartache song “Fall Down,” but falters occasionally when he strays too far from that safe mid-range pocket he sits in most of the time. Musically, a lot of it doesn’t make one go “wow, that’s pretty cool.” I do like the guitar/drum/keyboard moments interspersed throughout “Unrequited,” however.

To me, The Shadow Line falls somewhere between the kind of rock high school kids like my niece might listen to (man, that makes me feel old), with washes of respected (but again, safe) rock acts like Collective Soul. Decent, and certainly worth a couple listens, just don’t expect your socks to be blown off.

Release Date: August 29, 2006
Produced by: Godhead
Format: CD

Track Listing:

Trapped in your lies / Hey you / The gift / Fall down / Push / Another day / Once before / Unrequited / Through the cracks / Goodbye / Your end of days / Inside your world.


Ullrich Hepperlin - Bass / Keyboards / Programming
Mike Miller - Guitar
Jason Miller - Guitar / Vocals
Glendon Crain - Drums.

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