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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe

Lisa Gerrard
The Silver Tree

The pedigree of Lisa Gerrard is that which is often spoken of in hushed tones, as if dealing with a holy voice, an untouchable persona.  But the reality is, she does possess a holy voice.  After her majestic stint with Dead Can Dance, a few highly regarded soundtracks, several albums recorded as a duo, and her own (The Mirror Pool - 1995), she has achieved heights that so very few can reach.  With her distinctive voice, she arrives to deliver her latest in personal expression, the alluringly titled The Silver Tree.

Created from the high standards that Lisa Gerrard has set for herself, that is, never creating music for the sake of entertainment - a feature that Gerrard states could never be allowed to come into her work, regardless of whether people liked it or not - The Silver Tree is a special work of art, more mature than any previous works that she has produced.

Lisa Gerrard begins The Silver Tree with “In Exile,” a haunting chant of mid-eastern accent that is minimal in its music.  It is followed by the soft, spiritual “Shadowhunter.”  The Silver Tree is completed by soft ambient tones and hypnotizing vocals that weave throughout this album in all of its 13 tracks and is best described as a deeply felt journey through the calm of a human, a calm that encompasses us all if we search for it intently.  Satisfyingly meditative, The Silver Tree provides all that we want from a talent like Lisa Gerrard.

Track for track, The Silver Tree is a stunning work of a spiritual nature.  You do not just play this album in the background; it loses potency and intent.  It must be drunk like a fine, rare liqueur and savoured.  It has to wash over you and be absorbed by you.  Musical works like The Silver Tree can only be treasured and revered if it is allowed to become one with you.  That may sound like so much hokiness but when you deal with music of this nature, there is no other way to enjoy it.

The Silver Tree is unlike anything that Lisa Gerrard has attempted before.  It joins her other works, fitting in well but in an ascendant manner.

Watch for an upcoming Lisa Gerrard 'best of' from 4AD in February '07 as well as a DVD (Sanctuary).

- “If you tell a secret, you make the other person a prisoner…”

Release Date: November 23, 2006
Produced by:
Format: CD

Track Listing:

In Exile / Shadow Hunter / Come Tenderness / Sea Whisperer / Mirror Medusa / Space Weaver / Abwoon / Serenity / Towards the Tower / Wandering Star / Sword of the Samurai / Devotion / Valley of the Moon.

Lisa Gerrard:

Lisa Gerrard - Vocals.

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